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Chinese Buying Up Property All over America; "China City" to be Constructed in Michigan,

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posted on May, 11 2012 @ 10:08 PM

Originally posted by Leftist

China has more than a billion people. They could flood the US with enough immigrants to double the population and still have twice as many left over in the homeland.

They still have to apply for citizenship. And as for illegal immigration, it's a whole lot harder to cross the Pacific Ocean than it is the Rio Grande.
This nation was founded on immigrates. Immigrates from china are one of the major reasons we have a rail system.
To me, I have no problem with this...all of it, because in this nation you can't take control without the voice of the people allowing it. I know some will find me delusional in that belief, it fine, it's not the first belief I've shared on ATS to be found delusional ^.~.
I know Sun Tsu clearly stated this is one way to start to take over a nation, and you know what, as America, we've been doing this to the whole world for decades through military bases and embassies.
Now China is catching up and all the sudden they're the new boogy man. I just don't get it. To me, it's a Red Herring, and the thought processes of the 50s just recycling. I thought, for certain, in the age of instant information we could grow past being afraid of the man in the closet and the monster under the bed.
China could be a powerful ally, if we could get over our xenophobia in a nation that has the most diverse population on the planet.
Just my two cents.

posted on May, 11 2012 @ 11:07 PM
I could probably see food shops and restaurants in these cities, but really, where do they do all the manufacturing of goods in these cities? NONE was even mentioned, WHY? Where would manufacturing be. Hell,where are the farms? These cities import food or what?These cities are not for people who do any manufacturing at all or any other low class worker. DID you see all that SMOG. OMG, i thought i was seeing downtown L.A smog and this was out in the country, these cities. WHAT A HOLE, i feel sorry for the lower class peoples. It is funny that the people just don't kick them to the curb and go move into a new apartment in the new city. Why cain't they just move the lower and middle class people over to the cities? Instead they ask ungodly prices that they will definately not get. Makes absolutely no sense at all. Using the peoples money to put up and sell all these developements NOBODY will buy. Even if i could afford them prices, you think i would want to live in a DUMP like that. I would rather stay in a trailer park here in the states and have better views, cleaner air, Trees. not living on top of one another, the bad water, the stench and having your children grow up in a sewer. The Greedy put them thru this hell. HELL, is a place on earth. No care for people. I saw a video on youtube where a little child got ran over TWICE on a street in china and the passer byers did nothing. Only a bag lady helpped the little girl. I was so disqusted my blood boiled and all i could think of was kill. That would NEVER, EVER happen here in the U.S.A and i am proud to say so. Some people that think that way are so sick, sick in the head. We need to make our world better, NOT WORSE. The thinking of those people over there is the thinking that will destroy them. LOVE, thy neighbor. What is wrong with the elites over there, they worse than ours. A sound structure of working happy people on the bottom is a fruitful one all around. I just don't understand some people, why?

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posted on May, 12 2012 @ 08:26 AM
If the chinese start a little community here, I'll welcome them. They are honorable people. I just hope they don't send all the bad ones here. I don't know how others feel but most of the chinese people themselves are fairly easy to get along with. If we treat them as if we are superior to them we will get the cold soldier though. In Asian countries people are different. They do not like bullying or being yelled at. The Europeans seem to need bitching at or disciplining to comply with rules. Weird world we have here

posted on May, 12 2012 @ 08:54 AM
So, what's the difference between this and "China Town" in NY or LA? And, what does it mean to be an "American", these days? We live in a completely different world; with a completely different set of rules. Where's the pencil.....i want to erase the border-lines.

posted on May, 13 2012 @ 12:38 AM
reply to post by Leftist

Stop parading the tired old "China owns America" lie.

U.S. Govt. debt holdings: $6.328 trillion

China debt holdings: $1.132 trillion

Japan debt holdings: $1.038 trillion

Please stop parroting this nonsense.

China barely owns more of our debt than Japan does.

What this means is that China is spending money on building American infrastructure for a change, I welcome it.
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