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My Theory on the past, present and future

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posted on May, 9 2012 @ 03:27 PM
When most people think of time, they think of it as linear. Look at our world today, our culture, our advancments, our breakthroughs. Most people believe

that all this will continue as it is, but I believe it will all eventully come to an halt.

I don't know why I believe this but I just do because it's how I feel deep within. I believe time to be cyclical rather than linear.

The Secret Societies of our world today know this,
The Mayans knew this,
The Aztecs knew this,
The Icans knew this,
The Hopis Knew this,

And that's just a few ancient civilizations that knew about it. I'm trying to keep this as short as possible, remember?

So let's go from there;

Of course our "Leaders","Secret Societies", or "TPTB" doesn't want the population to know that they possess this information because they believe that we cannot handle the turth and accept it for what it is without starting a world wide riot. Truth is, even I don't believe the entire world would be able to handle the truth.

The "TPTB" are basically enjoying themselves while they still can. Enjoying the power, the wealth and whatever else it may be that they want to enjoy. Now, think about this for a second; If they came out and told the whole world everything they knew; there would be a world wide riot, conflicts, sadness, and all the other worse things that I can't even begin to imagine! Do you think the "TPTB" will be able to make it's money off of us then? The answser is NO. I truly believe that they are just spending the last of their life just enjoying their wealth and whatever else money can buy while they still can.

Come on, on Decemeber 21, 2012 we will be entering the 5th Age wherethus in the last 4 had ended through catastrophe. By fire, air, water, and earthqakes. Know the 4 elements of earth? Wind, Fire, Earth, Water? Now that we're entering the 5th age, what does that leave us? Either we start all over again or the 5th age is simply a "Spirtual Enlightment" like most people want to believe. It's what I want to believe myself not because I'm afraid of dying but because I'm a father and I do love our humanity as a whole. It saddens me deeply, to see all that bad these that are done on a daily basics and this is excatly why I'm not afraid. The way humanity is going, even though there are good people but there is also just as many bad people out there if not more and this is why I believe this planet could use clensing.

Now let's get back to talking about time, being cyclical; Take a look at our history for example. Even up to date, we don't have a single clue how the Pyramids were built. How about the 2,000 year old analogue computer that was revealed by scientist which was discovered 100 years ago? Our civilization didn't even invent the first analogue computer until the 1950s. I think I made my point, hopefully. There are even things today they people are starting to find that even our ancient civilizations already knew about.

I believe that catastrophes has happened in the past and it will happen again within our life time. I believe it happened in the past and halted their civilization just as it will halt ours. I believe this is the reason for all those "Bunkers" that are being built by the so called elite or "TPTB" whatever you may wish to call them. These bunkers will be used to keep safe, the brightest minds of our generation including "TPTB", seeds, documents, books, any other important information needed to start a whole new civilization.

Say in the event the catastrophe does happen. Everyone goes to their bunkers and our technology, medical, etc, advancments will all be halted and of course slowly pushed back a little bit but not quite all the way back to stone age in terms of knowledge. Civilization will start all over again, reproduction, education, society, goverment. Eventully they will be able to get right back to where they left off and maybe for their civilizations they will have I don't know, I'm guessing a good 500-1000 year gaps to continue on with their advancment from where our civilization left off before the cycle repeats again. Just like our civilizations they will have "Secret Societies" but it won't start that way at first but will eventully get to the point where only a select few of people will know about it while the rest of the population will forget about it over the course of thousands of years putting everybody in blissful sleep sorrounded by their own illusion of reality just like us, assuming TIME is once again linear.

The difference between ancient civilization and ours today is that they seemed to have been more interested in knowledge than technology advancments. Think of it as a game; where you can assign these civilizations attributes points. It's quite clear that ancient civilization had a lot more knowlege points than us today because all our civilization really seems to care about is technology. Each civilization is different and it's all according to the purpose that "TPTB" has in mind for it's own civilization.

I came here to present a theory of mine, hoping to open all of your intelligent minds to new possiblities. I'm sure some of you have thought of this, jumped around on the idea but never quite possibly knowing how to put it in words. I felt the urge that this needed to be done, and I felt the urge that I had to share this with somebody and what better place to do it then ATS?

I don't care for dubunkers or non-believers. I'm a skeptic and I like to keep an open mind and share my opinions with others. Please keep in mind that I have ADD/ADHD and I didn't stop to correct my spelling or grammar because I didn't want to lose my train of thought, which did happen a few times here and there during this post. Enjoy my fellow ATS Members.

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posted on May, 9 2012 @ 05:39 PM
I originally also wanted to talk about how Religion could also be involved along with this thread but decided to leave it out because I didn't want the thread to be too long. But, came accross another thread titled "We Have Been Lied To", and I had the urge to post my "Religion" part of the theory on that thread as well.

So here it is;

Religion.... and that's something I REALLY wanted to talk about in my latest thread regarding my theory of the past, present and the future.

Let me be the one to just say, Religion is a distraction. A way to easily deceive people to go along with their plan. And yes, I'm talking about TPTB. With Religion, people don't question authority and more often then not; FORGIVES people for whatever is done onto them out of "fear" of being sent to hell, to be tortured for all enternity. According to the Bible, we view our Elites/TPTB as "Satan" because THAT is excatly what they want you to believe so they may carry out their agenda. They continue to get rich off all of us, control us, fight over everything on this planet all the while; we just think to ourselves that Judgment day is near and sooner or later God will punish them all, sadly that isn't the case. They know things that we do NOT know, and are very secretive about it because the world cannot handle the truth. You'll have to read my thread "My Theory on the past, present and future" for more information about this.

The Bible and many other religious texts has been re-written and copied from one another over the years probably to use the best possible method that has worked for them in the past and possible even improvise on it a little bit. If you have read my thread regarding my theory, than you should know that my theory is maybe after 100-1000 years after the cycle; they will reintroduce religion into the World once again so they can form their secret societies and collect knowledge and everything before the next cycle all the while, controlling the people as if they were blind sheeps.

Link to my Theory is in my signature. I wanted to talk about Religion along with it, but I knew it would be too much so I just took the Religion part out of it. I saw this thread, and decided to post my "Religion" point of view in this thread instead, although no clearly explained because I didn't have the chance to think and choose my words carefully.


And I truly apolagize for the long read. I actually tried to keep this as simple and short as possible but I guess the hardest things for people to explain,imagine, and wrap their minds can never be so simple.


posted on May, 10 2012 @ 03:08 PM
I think our main problem was outlined by a young girl in Zimbabwe in 1994 when the children were told "we are "too technolodged".

We have only been around for a short period of time and we have started to run scientifically before we have even learnt to crawl spiritually.

Scientists build things without considering the consequences, and the reason why our governments put thier faith in scientists boggles the mind. They may be inteligent but they are far from wise.

A scientist will build something to see if he can regardless of the consequences, a wise man will build something because it will lead to a safer life.
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posted on May, 31 2012 @ 10:56 AM
Hi ProphetMark,
I wish to take issue with you on one point. You state that Bible and other religions have been rewritten and changed over the years and centuries. May I point out that the earliest manuscripts we had of the Old Testament were about 1000 years old. i.e. from about 1000 AD. In 1947 the Dead Sea Scrolls were discovered. They were approximtely 1000 years older. i.e. from the time of Christ. The differences were absolutely negligible, which shows that the standards used in copying were of the highest order possible.
Similarly with the New Testament, there are some 2 600 copies of it many of them dating back to within 100 years or less of the originals. And Jesus said of the Scriptures that "they cannot be broken."
Don't be fooled by the TPTB!
Kind regards and blessings

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