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The Widget Midget Clan Gone Mad.[MAD]

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posted on May, 8 2012 @ 10:29 PM
It was storming wildly outside the cave complex in which the Widget Midget Cult had taken refuge. They had been shunned everywhere they have gone, and needed somewhere safe to plot their revenge. For five long years they have been waiting for their time. Living in the caves and building their precious virus. A virus that will attack the central nervous system of any human who is not a midget. Their virus was ready, and the world outside was deteriorating rapidly. They knew it would only be a matter of time before they released the virus and took control of the world. All they were waiting for was the perfect moment.

As the cult gathered for their nightly feast of bat and rat stew, Master Midget Mike D turned on the nightly news broadcast for all to see as he does every night. To their surprise the newscast was not what they were expecting. When it began this is what they saw.

Immediately after the broadcast Master Midget Mike D stood up and shouted, "I'm Mad As Hell, And I'm Not Gonna Take It Anymore. I Have Had Enough, The time To Release The Virus Has Come. After Our Feast We Shall Break Into Our Groups, And Carry Out Our Long Anticipated Plans. We Shall Rule This Earth And Everything On It."

They feasted for hours while telling tales of what they would do in the future. They raised many a glass, and shouted and cheered. The excitement in the air felt as if it were a physical presence flowing through the caves. When the Finale Bell rang. They quietly stood up, joined into their groups, and made their way to the exit. Each Midget Warrior was given a vile containing the virus and a destination of where to release it. It would happen quickly. Once the first vile was open, it would take less than two weeks to kill everyone but them. Their orders were clear. Release the virus and return quickly or be caught in the cleansing and lost forever.

Two weeks later as the last of the people were dying, The Widget Midget Cult was once again in the grand cavern preparing for a feast. This would be their victory feast and a night of entertainment. When Master Midget Mike D walked in the giant screen on the ceiling lit up. "Tonight, My Fellow Widget Midgets, We Will Be Entertained While We Feast By Watching The Final Phase Of Our Plan Come To Being. So Sit Back And Enjoy, You Certainly Have Earned It." The first city to come on the screen was New York City. The room broke out in cheers and shouts of victory when the first nuke went off. For the next several hours they feasted and watched the cities of the northern hemisphere turned into dust. It would be thousands of years before it was safe to inhabit. This was their main focus of their plan.

They wanted to take over the planet, save only their race, and make the planet undesirable to extra terrestrial forces. They had succeeded and were now the rulers of earth. From their ancient caves they would start a new civilization. One of peace and harmony, where evil is not present. They would begin a new cycle of time on planet earth, and she would continue to recover and change and would one day again be the bountiful, resourceful mother she once was. Maybe one day a new species would come. But for now it was certain, they would be left alone.

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