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Liberation Day tomorrow here in Jersey channel islands a short intro and history

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posted on May, 8 2012 @ 04:34 PM

right so as iv stated already in the title its liberation day over here the day the Nazi's surrendered to the allies theres a big parade and ceremony il post pics when i come back tommorow.

In June 1944, the Normandy landings marked the initiation of ‘Operation Overlord’, the invasion of northwest Europe by the Allied forces. By 7th May 1945, the Germany army had surrendered and the end of the war in Europe was announced. Early on 9th May the German forces occupying the Channel Islands surrendered to the Allies and, within hours, Jerseys’ liberators, Force135, had freed the Island of German control.

During the week leading up to 6th May Islanders had been hearing reports of Hitler’s fall in Berlin by way of their hidden radios. In spite of the fact that the Island was still officially under occupation, rumours began circulating of an imminent end to the war in Europe.


The German Command were defiant and no reference to surrender was entertained. Instead, the Germans portrayed their defeat as a shift in focus towards a union between the powers in a new fight against Russia.

At 07.15 on 9th May, on the quarter deck of HMS Bulldog, Second-in-Command for Guernsey General Siegfried Heine signed the Instrument of Surrender on behalf of the German Command of the Channel Islands, effecting their capitulation. On completion of this, General Heine was then ordered to “immediately cause all German flags and ensigns now flying in the Channel Islands to be lowered”.
thanks for reading fellow ats's. btw this is my first thread sogo easy
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posted on May, 8 2012 @ 04:39 PM

posted on May, 8 2012 @ 05:27 PM
reply to post by jerseychannelislands

Really interesting reading - cheers

I think it should be compulsory for UK kids to learn about what you guys in the Channel Islands went through during WWII - the resistance movements, camps in Alderney, deportation etc. Unfortunately, it doesn't appear to be as widely known as it should be!

I look forward to seeing your parade & ceremony pics.

posted on May, 9 2012 @ 04:00 AM
reply to post by lizziejayne

thank alot
jersey and the rest of the islands have a massive historical background from early neolitithic to modern things like ww2 its an amazing place that if anyone gets the chance should come have a look.

oh and thanks to Dont tred on me for cleaning up my post very much appreciated brilliant moderating

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