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Follow Me, If You Want To Be Free.[MAD]

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posted on May, 8 2012 @ 01:28 AM
We are mad as hell, Because all is not well, On beautiful planet Earth,
They tried so well, To make us dwell, And force us forget our worth.

They've dumbed us down, Have us financially drowned, In order to begin new rule,
They've beat us down, and burned our towns, Not caring to whom they've been cruel.

They lie and shame, And still play the game, And feed the illusion like fire,
They aim to inflame, In order to tame, For total control they desire.

Your minds they want, To tease and to taunt, To give them their ultimate power,
Your minds they will haunt, If you give up your want, To rise to the top of the tower.

Your will they can't take, Your future you make, So today we must come together,
Make no mistake, Some lives they will take. But your legends will live on forever.

Follow me now, And I give you my vow, I will lead you to a world that is free,
I know that somehow, We will never again allow, The loss of liberty.

Forward we move, to kill or remove, All who stand in our way,
Our honor we'll prove, Let's get on the move, And ask our loved ones to pray.

We are mad as hell, We will take no longer, With each day our numbers grow stronger,
We'll come in a swell, And drive them to hell, And ensure them they'll rule no longer.

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