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Your Dream Game

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posted on May, 5 2012 @ 01:02 PM
Cracked had an interesting article up today. Basically it started by saying that with the genesis of Kickstarter independent game developers have been able to start making the games they've always wanted. It then followed it up with columnist Robert Brockway describing his dream game and the those of a few members. At the end said that if anyone else has other ideas they should post them in the comments. I thought this was a great idea and figured I'd bring it over to ATS. So, if you could see one game realized as a reality what would it be. Here is the one I described:

What I'd love to see is an FPS/RPG done with super heroes with an emphasis on controlling how your hero develops. I would want it done in one of two ways. The first is you could do something similar to the honorable mention. You would start out picking either a basic power or archetype with a set of basic powers and then from there depending on how you played either your current powers would become stronger or you would develop new powers.

The other way I could see it working is similar to how Mutants & Masterminds or the HERO System works. You start off with a set number of points to spend on abilities but instead of buying specific powers you build your powers off of a long list of effects and modifiers. So for example if you wanted to create a fireball you would start with the Ranged Attack effect then add the AOE and Fire modifiers to it.

I just think it would really interesting to start off with a hero who is only capable of taking on street level thugs at the beginning and then to see him evolve into someone that is capable of taking on Galactus-esque villains at the end all based on your decisions and play style. Kind of like what Grant Morrison is currently doing with Superman.

On top of this maybe you could also throw in a fully destructible environment and reputation system. So if you start wracking up a ton of collateral damage in your fights the police, military, or some anti-super agency could be called in to deal with you. The same goes if you start killing your opponents. On the other hand though if you start killing your enemies it could give you bonuses against other enemies since they know your a ruthless killer. We could even take this a step farther and if your reputation becomes negative enough you become a villain.

Let's face it, everyone at some point in their life has wished they were a super hero. I feel a game like this would be the closest any of us actually gets to becoming one.

I would also like to see the Fable we were originally promised back when it was Project Ego made.


posted on May, 5 2012 @ 01:13 PM
My dream game? A game that is based off of reality. You could do any thing and make any choice you could in reality only its in a game. You could kill, become a professional snow boarder, because a famous musician ect... The game would be virtual reality. If you wanted to try something in reality but cannot then you can live out your dream in this simulated reality.

posted on May, 5 2012 @ 01:47 PM
reply to post by Xcalibur254

My dream game is one that doesn't get boring after 1 day. Seriously though virtual reality sanbox where I could do whatever I wanted.
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posted on May, 5 2012 @ 03:33 PM
My dream game would be one where you play the role of some kind of corporate or state entity colonizing a planet with a deep (and hopefully working) economic system and warfare among competing interests on the planet and in the solar system. Inititally you'd only be able to build pretty machine weapons and weapon systems (basically light infantry or cavalry with light mechanized elements and basic artillery and fairly primitive jets) or you could call in very expensive mercenaries with fancy toys to help you blow up your foes. Watch out if your enemy pays them a better sum than you

posted on May, 5 2012 @ 09:00 PM
My perfect game?

Open world top-down shooter with heavy RPG and tactics elements.

When I say top-down shooter, what I mean is something like this.

So, the big "idea" would be this.

An open world game ie. Fallout or Skyrim, except it's a top-down shooter like that War Angels game. Quests are acquired and carried out similarly to the aforementioned games.

The character you play can gain levels, and as the character gains levels, points can be spent to become more proficient with new weaponry, armor and equipment. The tactics elements would come into play with things such as taking cover, such as behind objects like concrete dividers, dumpsters, edges of walls.. sort of like the cover mechanics in Gears of War. Cover would be easy to temporarily break in order to fire. Such as peeking around a corner to fire, or poking your head up above a concrete divider or something..again, similar to Gears of War and other games with cover based combat.

Character would be controlled with WASD (if you're a PC gamer, like me) and aiming and firing would be handled by mouse.

...I had more on this idea at one point in time, but have forgotten the other big ideas I had for it.

Anywho.. Cheers.

posted on May, 26 2012 @ 04:05 AM
There is a game called Supreme Ruler 2020. I picked it up in a used book store and have put a few days into it. I can say I have taken over the world except for Europe. This game is like simcity and command and conquer with enough things to modify you will be overwhelmed. Complexity.

Another good feature was from the Warhammer series. You could do a top down satellite view or zoom in to a 2nd person POV and get a good "almost first person POV"

Skyrim, Love the environment. Open space. 1st person to 3rd person view.

COD, Battlefield 2042 or any current 1st person shooter. Take the teamwork strategic play and apply it to the above.

So my dream game would be to take the above and combine it. I want to be able to control armies and resources globally and drill down to the first person POV if need be. Control armies like Supreme Ruler 2020 but have the actual battles be dependent on the individuals and team play like in the current first person shooters. So instead of winning matches you are actually wining or losing battles on a global scale. Make the environment as real as possible. Let me control taxes and education levels of my citizens.
Farmville. Millions of people play that game. Now make it into a much more global game like I propose. I know there are people that "sim-farm" but don't like the 1st person shooters. Cool. I don't actually want to control where shrubs are placed or what crops are planted but someone does and I want them to be part of the complexity.
Same for the sims, train tycoon, and all the nitch games. Roll it into one huge online game where you can play at any level.
Spore is close. It's a game I forgot that comes close but is WAY simplified.

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