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Tony Blair on 7/7, Bush on his shoulder

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posted on May, 3 2012 @ 12:23 PM
I stumbled across this video when looking into the 7/7 bombings.

Few things come to mind-

1- Blair is shifty and on edge- he's usally an incredibly smooth talker, but he keeps looking down, his eyes are shifty, I think he knows a lot more than we could ever imagine.

2- Bush is on his shoulder, almost looks like blackmail being carried out. Almost as if before Blair finished his time as prime minister, there was going to be a 'terrorist' event in London and he'd have to do a speech on the very day in order to keep his scerets from ever coming out. By it happening on the G8, Bush would be there and Blair would become forever attached to the conspiracy- he could never come out now because he too is guilty.

Watch this video with those things in mind-

And then Bush on the same day, the 'War on Terror goes on...Whilst people are meeting at the G8 to rid the world of have people in stark contrast killing innocent people'...Is he for real?

Condeleeza Rice mimics Bush's propaganda-

"This just demonstrates whilst people meet and talk about alleviating poverty or disease, you also have cold blooded killers who have nothing in mind but taking innocent reminds us of the tough fight we have with the War on Terrorism."

The reality and level of deception in this world is beyond evil, I don't even think words exist to describe it.

You have people creating false flag terrorism, doing the evil things they claim the 'terrorists' do and then say whilst they are trying to do good for the world, the 'terrorists' are putting are freedoms at risk.

And here's a Fox News report- the propaganda come thick and fast-

Bill O'Reilly then has his piece- This piece of filth is talking about Iran and Syria!! How can people fall for this blatant propaganda?????????!!!!!!!!!!

But Blair had nothing on our current snake that is Cameron- listen to him talk of Gaddafi's death and Libya's 'liberation'- he doesn't show any emotion.

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