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ESA Juice Probe To Jupiter

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posted on May, 2 2012 @ 07:52 PM

Just caught half a news broadcast on the BBC about the ESA investing in a 1 billion Euro Juice probe to jupiters moons. Shall be built by 2022 and arrive by 2030. It will orbit each moon then focus on the (one beggining with G) I forget the name... America have turned down being completely or finacially involved as they can't afford it
however they are keen to influence the programme to study Europa more in depth.

I got that info from the BBC website:

I'm on my phone so please excuse the hastyness.

The TV news story came complete with a scientist of some sort stating she would be surprised If we didn't find life up there, and its a likely spot for us to colonise in future.

I'm always the disclosure optimist
here's another point for us, along side that and the constant blue TV advert aliens

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