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Destruction of Tribes by Religion and Industry Documentary

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posted on May, 1 2012 @ 09:19 PM
This is a documentary of me traveling through a remote tribal area on the island of Mindanao and speaking on the things happening in this country, and the world.

There's much on the missionary plot to destroy everything about everything and make the whole world as same as the soulless and dead anti-society of the white man.

Much footage of forests and deforested areas. There is a scene with a tribe that has no food (or bathrooms), and yet has a $1000 gas generator they use to show degrading American movies to children. They also drink out of used chemical containers and don't want to use bamboo because "that's what poor people use" - I believe this is a valid argument for the entire logic of materialism - it doesn't matter what it is, as long as it is a material item that symbolizes that your personal material worth is greater than someone elses.

The Monsanto agenda, directly at work here, is also commented on, as well as the spiritual descent of man due to the introduction of economics, which led to the mentioned obsession with material wealth and a redefining of the purpose of human existence.

I'm interested to hear what Christians (and antichrists) have to say about the idea that medieval psychological manipulation of innocent people is still going on in the present era in the third world, without really anyone acknowledging it. I am also interested to hear from anyone who thinks "developing the third world" is anything other than a racist continuation of the "white man's burden", as I am presently struggling to find a person who supports "developing the third world" who is able to define it as anything else. It seems that the mere fact that this has never been directly brought up is the only reason that the UN and other organizations have not been forced to address the nature of the concept.

If you like the videos, you can contact me, on my Youtube channel or on my site, It would also be cool if people who find them interesting could share them. I think drawing attention to what is happening in the third world - the havoc that western institutions of power are reeking, the innocent people being manipulated into poverty - both physically and spiritually - is something that need to be directly addressed, and yet it seems that very few even think about it, and even fewer understand the exact details of it, which I have laid out here.


posted on May, 2 2012 @ 12:15 AM
There's also a part four, but apparently that never got uploaded, even though I gave the guy at the internet cafe 36 pesos to make sure it was.

I am presently using a usb internet connection which does not support Youtube uploads.

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