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Voyeur secretly films neighbor undressed

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posted on Apr, 29 2012 @ 09:20 AM
Blamed Imaginary Nephew

“Violated” and “disturbed” -- that's how people in a Chandler neighborhood are feeling knowing that one of their neighbors was arrested for filming the woman who lived next door to him -- inside her bathroom.

Making matters worse, that man is back home after being released from jail.

Ugh! Creepy.

Neighbors say the victim and her husband, along with their newborn baby, have moved out of the home they own since Paul is now out of jail and back at home. This all came to light after the victim's husband found the camera Monday night still recording. He looked at the tape and saw the video of his wife. Paul is now facing charges for secretly videotaping and false reporting to law enforcement.

Disgusting Pervert

Police said they questioned Paul, who owned the camera, about the neighbours' discovery. At first, Paul blamed a nephew, who he said had been staying with him and his wife. The nephew had been asked to leave because he was secretly filming others, Paul told authorities. But the police continued to press the couple for more answers. That's when Paul admitted that he had made up the story about the nephew and that he was responsible for the placing the camera to film the neighbours. Read more: z1tRGwG3Y4

Can we PLEASE stop releasing these perverts from jail.

Peeping Tom escalation

Many states do not even have laws which specifically make the act of voyeurism illegal. Instead, an offender would most likely be charged with other criminal violations, such as trespassing on private property, indecent exposure or invasion of privacy. If the Peeping Tom actually recorded the encounter and made those recordings public, then the victim could also file civil charges against him or her.

As a past victim of a stalker, this stuff makes me ill.

In the jurisdictions where voyeurism is considered to be a crime, a convicted Peeping Tom can be considered a sex offender and be compelled to register as such. Many sex crime experts consider voyeurism to be one of the first steps towards sexually violent behavior. If a Peeping Tom becomes confident in his or her ability to remain undetected, he or she might be tempted to escalate to actual physical contact or more invasive observation techniques. This in turn could escalate into sexual assault or criminal stalking.

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