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The Ultimate Betrayal. How The World Was Saved By One Good Soul.[WRC]

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posted on Apr, 26 2012 @ 05:11 PM
He sat in his bedroom looking upon the sword and the book of knowledge in front of him. He was sixteen years old and wondered if he had what it takes to fulfill his destiny in this world. He still was not yet aware of the higher truths he would face later in life. His name was John SinClair, and he was the son of the great rich and powerful Micheal SinClair. He knew very little of the society he was about to join. His father had given him the sword and the book of knowledge just yesterday, and told him to prepare to enter a new world. A world where you get what you want, no matter what the cost may be to others. A world where people will respect you and obey you because of who you are.

He was told he had an important role to fill in the society. He could not help but to feel nervous with this new importance being placed on him by his father and the other members of the society. He had known many of the members his whole life. Many were family and close friends or business associates with the family. Soon he would walk among them not as a child, but as a new prospect being groomed for global leadership. He was told his initiation into the society would take place in two days at 3:33 in the morning. Until then all he could do was wait in anticipation for his new life to begin.

At 2:30am the morning of the ceremony, John arrived at the temple, dressed in the ceremonial uniform his father had given him on his birthday. It consisted of a black suit, black tie, and black dress shoes. Around his neck was the sash of Zanzibar which represented the societies origins, and his crystal pyramid with the all seeing eye engraved on all sides hung by a solid gold braid. On his head he donned the short tined platinum crown signifying his relation to his father, the leader and Grand Master of the society. On his hands he wore the leather gloves to signify the toughness one must face when they are a member of the society. Around his waist was the belt holding the golden sheath with contained his ancient and powerful sword. In this moment he was still unaware of the significance and the power he held while in this uniform. He was also still ignorant to the power contained in the blade of his sword. He would soon find out. The time was drawing closer as his thoughts steadily raced.

When they were ready to begin the two ushers came to the main gate to escort him in. He had never been past the gate before and was curious to see the temple from the inside. As they walked down the path he gazed at the pillars lining the road. Each one had a small golden statue of an owl on top of them. As he rounded the curve in the road the giant obelisk came into view. Until now he had only heard his father speak of it. It had a brilliantly shining golden capstone and had engravings from top to bottom. He was hoping he would soon learn of it's importance. After staring at the obelisk for a minute, they made their way to the entryway to the temple. The temple was a large stone circular building. In the center was a large dome much like the capitol building in Washington D.C. The entryway was at the end of a long corridor the came from the main structure to the courtyard where they were standing. The door in front of him was solid gold with intricate patterns engraved on it's surface. As he opened the door he was filled with both excitement and anxiety. There was no turning back now.

The hallway was dark. His escorts remained outside and told him he no longer needed them. When the door closed all light had escaped. He had never seen such darkness before. He felt more alone in that moment than any before.

"STOP" Yelled a deep voice from the other end of the hall. "Come no closer until you are ordered to do so. We will tell you when we are ready to examine you. Until then do not move."

He stood there even more nervous than before. His heart was beating so loud it was the only noise he heard. The room became deathly silent and this carried on for many minutes as he sat there wondering what was to come next.


A loud ominous sound rang out from the other end of the corridor. It was so loud it shook the floor beneath his feet. With each bang he felt the vibrations throughout his body. The crystal around his neck buzzed against his chest. The corridor fell silent again for a moment only to be interrupted by a blinding light shining from the other end. The light seemed to be focused right upon his face. It shone upon his face with intense heat.

"Get down on your knees" rang out a deep dark voice, the words echoing down the corridor. Lifting his sword with his hand so that it would not touch the floor, he did as he was told. The light disappeared and the corridor again filled with darkness. As he sat there kneeling, his eyes recovering from the blinding light. He noticed a trail of tiny lights on the floor had come on. The line seemed to be going straight to the other end of the corridor. "Stand up, and follow the light to the end of the corridor." beamed the voice. He began walking towards his fate. With each step the level of anxiety is heightened. As he reaches what he believes is the end of the corridor a hand reaches out and grabs him by the chest. "Don't move you little twit" Snapped a different and angry voice. Immediately he was filled with fear. All of the sudden he was grabbed from behind, his arms were restrained and a black hood was placed over his head. He heard what sounded like a large heavy metal door open and he was shoved forward and fell to the floor inside the doorway.

Next he was picked up and sat down forcefully in a chair. His arms and legs were tied to the chair and he could not move. It took a moment for his eyes to adjust when the hood was removed. As his eyesight adjusted he noticed that there were four men in the room. He did not recognize any of them. One man was older, maybe 60 years old, Another was Latino with no hair, One was a Native American, and the last looked like a mobster and had a scar on his left cheek "Do you swear that what you say and do here will forever be your secret?" said the man with the scar. "Yes sir" said the boy. "Well, that's just not good enough for us son" said the old man.

The Native American man and the Latino then grabbed his shoulders and pushed him backwards onto the floor. The mobster looking man then held his mouth open. That's when the old man held up a bucket of water and began to pour it in his mouth. He kept the stream steady and flowing and easily choked the young scared boy out. He continued this with two more buckets of water before having the men sit the boy back up.

The old man then got down into the boys face. He pulled a golden handled blade from his waist and pressed it into the boys crotch almost piercing his trousers. He then asked him again. "Do you swear that what you see and do here will forever be your secret?" "Yes sir" cried out the boy still gasping for air and coughing the remaining water out of his lungs. "Good, because that's just a taste of what you will get if you ever betray us. We don't kill our enemies, we keep them alive and torture them for pleasure, and if you choose to leave now it will be considered a betrayal. You now belong to the society." He had no choice. He could never turn away from this.
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posted on Apr, 26 2012 @ 05:12 PM
This was his fate. They then untied his arms and legs, handed him a towel and told him to sit in the room and compose himself for a few moments and they would come back to get him to complete the ceremony.

As he sat there drying himself off and fixing his uniform, he wondered just what he was being pushed into. He was angry and frightened at what had just happened to him, and what the man had said to him. He had always considered himself a good person who cared for others and could not understand how men could get pleasure from doing such horrible things to others. He was now truly in fear for the life he may have to lead. He began to wonder what secrets his father may hold, and what he may have done to others in life. His world was slowly being turned upside down. A moment later the old man came back into the room dressed in his uniform just like he was. "It's time" he said. and opened the door leading to the main chapel.

When he looked into the chapel he right away noticed the vastness of the room. The dome rose high and was covered in satanic looking paintings. It was like the devils version of the Sistine chapel. He looked down the line of men leading to the alter. He recognized many men and they all appeared to be joyess of the occasion. At the alter stood his father, wearing the long tined crown of the Grand Master and holding the Spear of Destiny. On the alter was a man strapped to a podium and bound and gaged. He immediately began to contemplate what was to come next. Deep down he knew what he was going to have to do. His heart sank and he began to feel sick to his stomach.

"Come here son" said the boys father while gesturing the boy to come. He walked slowly and steadily towards his father. When he reached the alter his father instructed him to stand opposite of him and to face the congregation. He could feel the eyes of every man present bearing down on him, but was feeling a sense of power he had never felt before. His anxiety had lessened. He wondered if it was just the presence of his father or something more that was affecting his feelings. He began to relax more and look around the room with more detail. He noticed the stone statues of the Great Grand Masters in the coves carved into the wall. The floor was carpeted with a deep red carpet wall to wall and everything was lined with golden accents. In the center of the alter beyond the podium with the man was the Great Crystal Pyramid. It stood twelve feet tall and was flawless in nature. He wondered what men could have made such a thing.

His father then proceeded to initiate the ceremony. "Hummm, Hummm, Hummm" He bellowed over the congregation. "Let us begin this initiation into the ancient brotherhood of the society. Johnathen William SinClair, you have been chosen by your right to be the next Grand Master after your father Micheal Johnathen SinClair. Do you swear your allegiance to this society?" "Yes sir I do" said the boy. "You have much to learn and the men in this room will be your teachers. You will follow their lead and live by my rule and one day you will be a fine Grand Master. Before you are fully initiated into the society you must prove your allegiance to all of the five hundred members in this room. You must take the Spear of Destiny and strike down this man for all to see and you shall become one of us."

"But sir, what has this man done to deserve this?" the boy asked. "It does not matter boy. You must do this if you want to be in the society. You can not turn away from this boy. This is your destiny." He handed the boy the Spear of Destiny and ushered him up to the podium. His father stood at the mans head and instructed the boy stand behind the man so he could face the congregation as he killed the man. "When the spear enters this mans body, you shall forever become bonded with the society. The time is now boy this is your fate." The boy raised the spear above his head and looked at his father. When his father gave the nod he plunged the spear through the mans chest until it stuck in the podium below. He removed the spear and handed it back to his father who then placed it in it's case, leaving the blood on the blade. He then watched as the man gasped for air and drowned in his own blood from the wound. The boy could not help but feel sorrow and shame for what he had just done. The sickness in his stomach from earlier had now returned with a vengeance.

"Jonathen William SinClair. You have now shown us that your allegiance runs deep. You shall no longer be considered a boy. From now on you are to hold the title of Master Sinclair. You will live your life in accordance with the customs and traditions of the society. You are now an established member of the oldest secret society on the planet. On behalf of the congregation and all past members we welcome you. We know you will do good things for our society.

posted on Apr, 26 2012 @ 05:14 PM
When he stepped down he was approached by many familiar men shaking his hand and congratulating him. He made his way around the room and spent about an hour talking amongst the men. He had many questions but decided to talk to his father before asking anyone else. He went and found his father and they went to his office to talk. His fathers office was quite grand and was accented in gold as well. On top of his desk sat a small crystal pyramid like the one on the alter. He sat down in the chair in front of the desk and his father took his place behind his desk. His father then handed him a small wooden box about the size of a book. In the box there was a skeleton key which he was told was the entrance key for the temple, and a list of books he needed to read from the societies library. His father then told him to get the first book on the list and go home and begin reading it.

He made his way down the hallway towards the library stopping every now and then to admire the artwork on the wall. He walked into the library and was astonished by how many books it contained. He found the first book on his list titled, 'The birth and history of the society.' and made his way back through the temple, down the corridor and out into the drive. When he walked outside his father was in the drive standing next to a red Ferrari. He threw his son the keys and sent him on his way.

The next morning he woke early and headed to the temple. He was told to meet his father there to begin his education into the society. He had read many pages of his book the night before and had come to the conclusion that he had more to learn than he could possibly fathom. Just the few chapters he read the night before had shown him that he didn't know much about the true history of man on planet earth. He was intrigued by what he had read and hoped his father would answer his many questions. He made his way down the corridor, and into the chapel. He was surprised to see his father on his knees in front of the pyramid with his hands pressed against the surface. He noticed the crystal around his fathers neck was gravitating towards the pyramid like it was magnetic. As he approached the pyramid his father released his hands and told his son to kneel beside him.

"Put your hands on the pyramid and close your eyes son." he did as his father instructed. When he placed his hands on the crystal he felt a rush of energy unlike anything he had ever felt before. "Do you feel that son?" asked his father. "That's the energy force of the universe son. This pyramid lets us tap into that and use it for many different things."

"We can use this to communicate with the our Draconian masters and the dead. We can also see possible future outcomes and look into the past with it. It is very powerful and is our most sacred possession. It was given to us when man first came to be on this planet. We have been under the guidance of our Draconian lords for over six thousand years now. You will soon understand and be able to utilize it's power, but first you must complete your education into the ways of the occult. Before you access the power you must learn to obey and respect it. "Come now son, let's go to the library and begin your education."

For the next ten years he continued to spend his days at the temple reading from the books and practicing his abilities. His psychic powers had grown exponentially since his initiation and he had become a master of the knowledge of the society. He was in communication with the Draconian masters and well on his way to becoming the most powerful leader in the history of the society. It was apparent in the begriming that he had a higher level of natural abilities and power than his father. In fact in ten years he had become the most powerful member in the society. There was no denying it he was ready to lead.

Over the years he had experienced many things happen within the society that severely bothered him. He did not like to torture people and was not full of greed. He did not take pleasure in the suffering and control of others. He kept his true feelings well hidden though, and continued to live on in the traditions of the society. His father came to him one day when he was in the chapel communicating with the overlords. His father told him that his time had come and he was to be sworn in as the new Grand Master on the Friday the Thirteenth in two weeks. "Father, I have some questions for you. Before the ceremony I would like a chance to sit down and talk with you." His father said that would be fine and told him to come to his office in the morning and he would answer any questions he has. The next morning he woke up and made his way to the temple. He found his father in his office reading from the book of knowledge. He sat down in the chair and looked his father in the eye.

posted on Apr, 26 2012 @ 05:15 PM
"Father, why must the men in the society do such evil things?, How can you do such evil things?"

"Son, That is your conscience talking to you. You must learn to let go of it as I once had to do. It is the mainstream view that is causing these feelings. We don't live in the mainstream son. We have been living this way for six thousand years now and it will continue. You will get used to it and one day will embrace it. It will just take some time son."

"Father, do I have a choice in this when I become Grand Master, or may I decide not to fulfill that position?"

"Son, for the last time. This is your fate. You are the only one left to carry on the leadership. You have the last Draconian blood in your veins. You must become Grand Master or the society will crumble and die with you. If you were to choose not to that would sever communication with our Draconian masters and render us powerless. You must carry out your destiny son. You must let go of these feelings son. The sooner you do, the more ready you will be to become Grand Master. Now son, I want you to go spend the next two weeks in the library rereading our history to remind you of your role in this world. You have a chance to become the most powerful man on the planet. You can start wars, or usher in great depressions. Your will shall be carried out as you see fit. Now go, I don't want to see you again until the ceremony."

He did as his father instructed him and returned to the library to reread the history books. Two weeks later he still had not yet come to terms with the life he was meant to live. It was two hours before the ceremony and he did not know what he was to do. He could not accept his fate. He just could not carry on the hatred and evil ways of the society. Deep down he knew there was an alternative, but he felt it was too late, he had to do this. The fate of the society and ultimately the fate of the world now rested on his shoulders. The two hours passed quickly and before he knew it it was time for the ceremony. He made his way into the chapel and took his place on the alter next to his father. The congregation all stood still, awaiting the moment of truth. He still was unsure of the events that were about to play out. There was an ominous feeling floating through the room and everyone seemed to be on edge. The ceremony began and his apprehension did not ease. His father addressed the congregation, read the words from the book of knowledge, and then turned and faced his son.

"The time for transformation has come. It is now time for you to become the new Grand Master of our great society. When I give you the Spear of Destiny all of my powers will then be transferred to you. You will now become the most powerful man in the world."

He then handed him the spear with a look of both pride and sorrow in his eyes for he knew his son still held doubts about his future. His son took the spear into his hands and held it close to his body. He felt the rush of power flow through his body from head to toe. He was overcome with fear as he now could see the full potential of his evil powers. In a moment of shear panic he took the spear, raised it above his head and drove it into his own chest. As he fell backwards, his father let out a terrifying scream and lunged for his son. It was to late so save him. The spear pierced his heart and he was dead before he hit the floor. In the same instant the temple began to shake violently. The stone of the wall began to crumble and the dome began to crack. The crystal pyramid began to vibrate uncontrollably and was producing a deep red glow. The pyramid then exploded in a brilliant flash of light and destroyed the entire temple. Every member of the society was vaporized in an instant. All that was left was a burnt crater in the ground where the temple once stood.

His own death became not just the end of the society, but the end of evil on planet Earth. From that moment forward, peace reigned across the planet. All wars were finished and mankind was finally able to evolve. The biggest betrayal on planet Earth had led to the freedom of all mankind. It would stay forever unknown to the people of Earth just how their futures were saved.

posted on Apr, 26 2012 @ 06:08 PM
You put allot of work into this. At first I thought this was a mason bashing story..... could be.... regardless you held my attention long enough to finish reading it. The ending caught me by surprised. Good job.

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posted on Apr, 26 2012 @ 09:26 PM

Originally posted by madmangunradio
You put allot of work into this. At first I thought this was a mason bashing story..... could be.... regardless you held my attention long enough to finish reading it. The ending caught me by surprised. Good job.

edit on 4/26/2012 by madmangunradio because: removed quote to a particular game after re-thinking the story

Thanks. I actually don't know a whole lot about the secret societies so I did not want to use one with improper facts I sort of just used bits and pieces and what came to mind. I think freemasonry was probably the main one that I drew from. This has been a theme I have been interested in for a long time now. I may even take this story and research some secret societies and build on it. Who knows, maybe it could make a good book someday.

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