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A 'new President' wager and a small tidbit of thought

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posted on Apr, 24 2012 @ 01:20 AM
Say Paul doesn't win
Say one of the two other contenders win. D:

I am waging that those who vote for one of the two (Obama/Romney) will love them at first; maybe the first six months. And then when gas rises to 8 a gallon on a cheap day, our taxes from work rise to over 25% and all other foods, taxes and the sort rise, Monsanto owns everything and you are forced to eat it or die, (that last was overkill but heck. I can see that happening in a future time near you) etc etc., those same people will be super upset and hating their golden candidate.
I'll bet you.

So, upset with golden boy, eh? Well why'd ya vote for him? How many times will it take to learn the lesson? "Maybe we shoulda voted Ron Paul". If he runs again, you'll get your chance. If not, RAND PAUL. All we need is one good person the country as a majority backs and believes in and we'll see change. I don't see anyone backing the current President well enough to stand behind him and push personally to help push the goals he has on to BE. I see more against him and disliking all that's happened. Sorry Obama, the good you've done hardly makes the serious awful look better or easier to accept.

I've noticed, there are a LOT of folk who back Paul: there are the other lots who solely back 'Romney or Obama' because 'the other is horrible; I'll vote the lesser of two evils'. Um. Hold on. That REALLY makes no sense. There's a third man running who is for the People who are for the constitution of America instead of being for the 1% who are the corporation of America.

So many Americans are disgusted how the country is. WHY would someone revote Obama in or take a chance with business destroying Romney? Both see this country as a corporation. Yet the ONE man who wants to give this country back to the people and knows the government is there JUST/ONLY/SOLELY to be the voice of the PEOPLE (not the voice TO the people as it HAS been) is being dogged. Come again? Seriously. Come again? "I want freedom and more jobs and lower gas and to have my home back and etc etc - Imma revote for Obama because it didn't happen the last four years".

Really? What's it going to take to break this Country-destroying cycle? It's been going on for decades now, true. But til we get off this crazy hamster wheel and stop allowing the Government to lead US and US start 'leading' them, we're never going to see things change.

Last I checked it was "Government by the people FOR the people', not "people by the Government FOR the Government." Seems an amount prefers them to control us. That alone frightens me. I read on another post somewhere on this site that (Opinion from the poster of course) the baby boomers are wanting Romney where the younger generation wants Paul - (basically to my understanding they were implying the younger gen is to be poo pooed off and the older gen knows better) That may be true (that the boomers want Romney, youngers want Paul). And all I can say is, I hope we can survive as a country and not forget what freedom felt like once the younger generation is older and finally votes 'normally' - hopefully by then, the younger gen will have TONS of candidates very similar to Ron and Rand Paul. The younger generation seems to not want to have the bs blinders put on their eyes. Thank GOODNESS we have some smart folk coming up in the future.

For once MY older years don't seem as terrifying.

posted on Apr, 24 2012 @ 01:32 AM
its going to be Romney, and Rubio as VP. Romney is the next big wall street guy, and Rubio is the foreign relation guy. will this globalization ever come to an end? Besides, just follow the blood lines. Romney is related to six past presidents. No other candidate is. He is a shoe in as far as I'm concerned.

posted on Apr, 24 2012 @ 01:34 AM
Either one wins in my opinion, we are heading fast into a much deeper, blacker hole we'll never get out of.

I'm truly terrified if truth be told. Terrified.

posted on Apr, 24 2012 @ 01:36 AM
Honestly, the only way to get RP in the oval office is to take several million armed citizens and put him in there yourselves. The Elite will not allow him to win. How much election fraud do you need before you realize the truth. He can 'win' all he wants but it will never be allowed.

IN just a few months he could tear down decades of work!

Just do it the other way, like your forefathers explained to you. Replace the whole lot in one go!


posted on Apr, 24 2012 @ 06:00 AM
reply to post by sarra1833

I'm leaning more towards Obama getting reelected, but Republicans do a very good job of mobilizing campaigns against Democratic presidential candidates or current presidents, so anything can happen between now and November. As for Ron Paul, I'd wager that he'll be on the short list of potential VP's for Romney, infact he may very well end up getting the offer.

The Republicans need every last vote if they are to take out Obama in the elections. They don't need to worry about Gingrich's or Santorum's supporters, they'll definately get behind Romney, it's anybody but Obama. However, Paul supporters, atleast half, will either stay home or write in Paul come the election time. That's near 10% of the Republican vote, 10% they can't afford to lose. Rubio? This is only media hype, in reality Rubio will offer litte towards Romney's campaign other than having an ethnically hispanic guy on the ticket for show. Hispanics aren't going to vote for Romney because of this, and I'm sure Romney's campaign knows this already.

Hispanics are generally conservative, Romney just needs to acknowledge them as every bit fundamental to American society as others are. Romney's visit to Puerto Rico and his comments that they don't have to 'learn' english gave him brownie points. He doesn't need to worry about the hispanic vote these elections, what he needs to be concerned about is the increasing dissent among certain republican groups, in particular the libertarians and the die hard conservatives.

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