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Strange dream about unkown planet

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posted on Sep, 27 2004 @ 05:16 PM
This is a strange dream I had a while ago. Actually I had two and what puzzled me about it was the way I woke up, as if an idea that just dawned on me shocked me to waking myself up. It's probablly just a dream but I thought I'd post it here in case. I also saved it as a word file on my PC so I have the date for it. Bellow is an extract.
"I am standing in my back garden and there is a planet that looks about the size of the moon. It is spinning and moving slowly across the sky, though in my first dream I didnít notice it spinning. It looks like a cross between earth and the moon because it has areas of blue in it, which I thought were water and it had areas of grey like the moon. I am brought awake suddenly in like a jolt, like when some people come back from OBEs and NDEs. My heart is pounding. I feel that this isnít because of me waking up but because of a thought or realisation that came to me while dreaming. I am looking at it and suddenly something dawns on me and Iím back in my room again."
It's probablly the GWM hot-air balloon on display in town that looks kind oflike it that entered my dream but it was quite a surreal experience and the fight or gliht response at the end interests me.


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