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Is homosexuality a sin?

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posted on Nov, 8 2004 @ 08:00 PM
Homosexuality a mental disorder – Pleeeeeeease

That’s been done to death with heavy medications and lobotomies among other viscous acts
What is a mental illness is ignorance

I am a good looking gay male who is considered by others as Masculine, me myself I have no need for such pigeon holing, I did not and would not choose to be gay. There is no way I would choose a way of life that is persecuted. Someone who thought I was a sin has stabbed me five times in the face, neck and chest. They were Junkies. Go figure.
How would you like to be viscously attacked for something you had no control over i.e. red hair green eyes

You would be shocked how many so called straight men often with female partners come up to me saying “I would like to give it a go, but don’t tell anyone”. I refuse their advances because I’m not a thing to experiment on. Many of these have religious faiths and publicly are anti homosexual, what I have learnt is those that make the most noise usually have the most to hide.
As for the Big Picture, one thing that needs bringing to attention is that Homosexuality has obviously been around for thousands of years. Long before the first credible copy of any scriptures. Even though it is more possible today for two loving people to have offspring it was probably Gods way of reducing the breading of self-righteous haters.

If you believe in god, believe he has the matter in hand.
Understand that language is ever changing and is part of communication not condemnation.

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