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Personal Predictions: Reality Check & Dangers of

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posted on Sep, 27 2004 @ 12:45 PM
This post is going to be a mish-mosh, I apologize in advance. I just have a bunch of thoughts I have to get out here.

Predictions: A Reality Check
1. All human beings have the capacity to have dreams & premonitions that come true. I have read hundreds of cases of this happening, to people from all walks of life. My guess is that the # of people this has happened to, to one degree or another, is in the millions. Whether this capacity is caused by divine intervention, demons, a burp in the space-time continuum, or a perfectly normal but latent biological function that modern science just hasn't discovered yet, is up for debate.

2. To have a dream or premonition that comes true does not make you "treasured by the Gods" or a prophet or anything that makes you so incredibly special from other people. As much as I wish it was otherwise (for mah achin' ego).

3. Some people seem to have more of an aptitude in predictive dreaming that others. Why is this so? Some of it may (or may not) be an inborn "talent". But I am unsure that what we consider "talent" is really so inborn. It may be more likely to be the result of intense focus, study, and practice--which means that it could in theory be replicated to a degree by one so inclined. Which means that such abilities are not the result of being The Chosen One.

Predictions: The Dangers
1. One danger is that if you have a predictive dream & then think you are The Chosen One because of it. If you have accurately predicted something, you need to come in terms with the fact that Minnie in Oklahoma has accurately predicted something too (though she thinks is was from the Devil so she didn't tell anyone) & Frank from Yonkers NY had an accurate predictive dream (he didn't think anything of it, because it's no big deal) & million-dollar psychic Sylvia Browne had a dead-on prediction that came true as well. I think the most you can do to give yourself an ego-boost in such a situation is to pat yourself on the back & say: "well, it's great that I wasn't close-minded about psychic phenomena; maybe I can cultivate such intuitions to help with my life."

2. Another danger in becoming too self-absorbed in one's predictions & the mystic in general is that you lose all sense of proportion & reality & slowly lose your mind. It's like staring at a beautiful crystal & all of the sudden you are trapped in the crystal. That's when you need to put the dream journal away & go watch some Benny Hill episodes or ride a bike. The moment you think you're The Chosen One and start looking at people with that pseudo-Jesus/Buddha expression on your face is the time you must know you are losing it. That's when you need to see Benny Hill accidently pull down some chick's skirt revealing her ruffled bloomers or watch Cheech & Chong roll up a long one.

3. Another danger in doing predictions is that the content of your "predictive" dream might be actually symbolic. The world ending is a very common symbol of an upheaval in one's life. If you have done enough dream study over many many years you may start to get a "sense" when a dream image is symbolic & when it isn't--and even then, you may be wrong. Dreaming that you are "chosen by God" or given important messages from an angel or other entity is another really common dream as well. It might be that God is really talking to you, or it might mean that your Higher Self is communicating with you--in any case, be sure to realize that millions of other people have had similar dreams.

In closing, I would like to say that as much as I would love for my predictive dreams & other "mystical" abilities to be something that makes me special, a stand-out, Chosen, Neo's younger sister, The Prophet Barsheeba, the Oracle of Delphi, etc--all I am is a person with an open mind & a lot of goddamn free time on my hands. There are hundreds of thousands of people who can do the same thing--and do it better! I'm just accessing an aspect of science that has not been quantified in our labs yet, but that I am sure will be just as electricity & atomic energy are now.

And yeah, I've been guilty of all that I've wrote about...goes with the territory, I guess. Though if anybody would like to start a religion based on my prophecies, please let me know; I'm available for proclamations on the Mount, blessings, & supermarket openings.


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