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doing good for you and the earth

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posted on Apr, 21 2012 @ 05:22 AM
just a thought i'd like to share.
spring thaw is here,even though we haven't had a real winter! but as it is every year at this time,you can notice the amount of garbage that brainless humans have discarded on the road,and what have you.
i live on a secluded road with about 12 houses on it,and generally,we keep it pretty clean.
but me and my children spend at least 2 days a year picking up other peoples trash around our street and our property. i teach my kids that every day is earth day!
the good folks on my street have noticed us doing this act of cleaning up after others,and now they too do a part to help. it just sickens me to see all the trash that builds up along the main roads were i live. having said this,we are fortunate to have 2 volenteer groups called the pit girlz and the pit boyz who spend weekends cleaning up the side of the roads. good on ya people!!!

so i urge you to even spend an hour on a weekend to lend a hand to your community,and help clean up!
it may seem like a little dent,but if enough people do this,we'll leave a big dent!!!
and as for you idiots who do through your trash out your car window,PLEASE STOP!!! my kids have to grow up on this planet and i'd like it to be clean for them!

posted on Apr, 21 2012 @ 06:07 AM
reply to post by reficul

for trying to keep your area clean. S&F

I'm for ever seeing people fly tipping around our area and it makes me sick.

Especially people in the gardening business. I'm a landscape gardener and when we have a full truck load we go down the local recycling centre to dump off. Yet, a lot of these others in the trade seem to think it's ok to dump off down a nice country lane.
As for litter, there's no shortage of that either.

Dog eggs are another big factor. Please, if you have a dog, PICK UP HIS EGGS! I don't want to stand in it, get it on my gloves or strim it all over my face!

When I go past the local Maccy D's there is burger wrappers, drinks and bags everywhere. Maybe they should get a hefty fine. That might make them let their customers know to put it in a bin.

Good on ya' for gritting your teeth and getting stuck in.


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