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truth like lightning

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posted on Apr, 20 2012 @ 05:53 PM

There are always moments in your life,

when you are clear.

The sky is blue and your true heart,

is thundering through.

Its only the clouds of forgetfulness that lie over you.

Convincing you and limiting you.

Like small tight shoe on a foot.

Or those words that said,

your a looser and no good.

When you followed the advice,

the ones you never should.

Worse than any chain, any bars

is the belief, that your limited.

That your stuck and another way

is just not possible.

It maybe that in the clouds,

your destiny is written.

But what happened to

the universal wind that you are.

That wind that changes everything,

even though its invisible and far.

Let us be truly proud of that,

that which we all are.

Eliberocelta Melbourne April 2012


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