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When Alternative Energy Becomes More Influential Than Oil:

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posted on Apr, 17 2012 @ 11:50 AM
I keep seeing all of this propaganda from the left saying how badly we need to transfer our energy into water, wind, solar and other questionable energy sources before oil runs out tomorrow, in ten years, in thirty years and in 100 years! Whatever that number is today. We ALL know that oil is one of the cheapest and most energy efficient on Earth.

Now, you have the left starting with Al Gore and Obama who want to somehow capture Carbon (which is impossible) and trade it just like Oil. They are trying to create their own big government lobby just like oil! They want everyone to use green energy just like oil! I don't really understand how this will be world saving policies? It's still using energy! It's not even reducing the way most oil is used such as in machinery, or building things, or airplanes, or trains.

The policies implemented by the left under the green technology and green jobs. Which are loose terms as it is, is because I think they are jealous of the oil industry. Complete with their propaganda that oil and C02 pollutes or harms the environment from daily everyday use is ridiculous, and yet you have people go after successful American oil companies because of this jealousy. You have already successfully brainwashed more than half the public about the "evils" of the oil industry. Is the non-existent green industry without fault, despite many a failing startups? Proven fraud? and Theft from the American public?

DO you really expect a utopia to come out of all of this??? I tell you that things will likely remain exactly the same.

So I ask all liberals, hippies, tree huggers, and activists. What happens when your energy policies become larger and more influential than oil? Which I am projecting will happen within the next five to ten years.

Please stick to the questions because you are not going to change my mind about global warming. I think I am asking pretty reasonable questions here despite the far right commentary above.
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