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posted on Apr, 17 2012 @ 06:20 AM
Throughout mankinds history, it had always taken disastrous, bloody events for people to push back against the system and for our leaders to change their ways, even if only for a short while, but the events of 2026 changed the game forever.

The World had been fooled for longer than they could imagine. Wars were never fought to dispose of nasty leaders, or to gain access to oilfields, or for any other reason spoke of by either the mainstream media, or even conspiracy sites.

Even to the beginning of modern man, wars were never really about religion or colonisation, the people in the know, knew it was about only one thing. Futuretech.

Since Biblical times, all the Worlds leaders knew that we were on the brink of major changes in technology, with wireless communication, mind control, military tech, computers, AI, all being within grasp. They all were briefed , even back then , that in the near future, whoever could gain full potential of these things, would rule over every single person, country, and army on Earth. 

The people of Earth already had suspicions that we had been visited by gods or beings from other planets, and this was in actual fact, true. These beings knew of the future and they communicated this to us a very long time ago.  It had been kept secret amongst certain leaders, And as these leaders began to fight for control of our planet, they would not always win, therefore their secret had been tortured from them at various points in History. 

The Gods said that we humans would become technologically great, and things would progress so rapidly, that our cultures would undergo vast changes in short periods of time. The Earth would only ever live in harmony, if this tech was controlled by a small few and influenced the whole planet as one, equally, fairly, and for good, not for bad means.

As time passed, more and more countries became closer to this technological superiority, notably, USA, Russia, and China. Of course, the United States were always one small step ahead of the game, although not far enough ahead to sit and watch it happen. They realised during the 90's that they would have to try and isolate Russia and China as much as possible, whilst not letting the public become suspicious on a large scale.

They did this by gradually dominating these countries Allies, such as Iran, Pakistan, North Korea, Iraq, Syria, and also maintaining presence in other nuisance countries such as Afghanistan and others in Africa. 

This put the USA in a firm position to finally deal the killer blow to their enemies and gain complete World domination. 

Welcome to Earth 2026. I am Justis Greene 4, the Founder and President of P.O.W.E.L (Peaceful, Organised, World, Entire Leadership)

I am a Modern Day Genius, President of Planet Earth and I am an American.

I was the result of decades of experiments in Human Genetics, Cloning and Biological Alterations.  Born in a Laborotary in Nevada in 2001, I had the highest IQ known to man by the age of 5, had finalised unlmited,free energy tech by the age of 8yrs, and had developed a completely dependable A.I. Tech that would be untouchable on so many levels by the age of 11.

This A.I. tech was called KOLA and it would eventually be my Vice President here on Earth. My "man behind the curtain" so to speak. The one who makes most of the important decisions on the planet.

I will not go into details of how I got to be in this position, as it would only bore you. Lets say it involved me basically bribing the big players and offering them huge payoffs in return that I would be the one in charge. After all, they needed me to complete the process of the global takeover. China and Russia were inches away from the same result, and they had no time left to have another like me, so I held all the cards.

KOLA ( named after niKOLA Tesla)  was made up of millions of different elements. It was basically a Government, an army, an operating system, a wireless thought control centre , amongst many other things. KOLA had the power to control every single thought of a particular person on the other side of the planet. It had the power to control climate. It could send a Snow Storm into the middle of the Sahara with a single thought from me. It could cause thousands of people on the other side of the planet to suddenly drop dead, with no visible cause of death. And importantly, it could also disable any electronic device, military hardware etc anywhere on the planet, or in Earths orbit.

Overnight, we became in charge of the Planet and no-one had expected a thing. 

It took us thousands of years of bloody killing to get to this, and it was never going to happen any other way, but now things are finally, settled, peaceful and Earth has changed forever.

We live in peace, the KOLA network has replaced the human workforce by 95% and we all have free,  unlimited technology. The system is unhackable and immediatly kills anyone who tries to hack into us. Crime is rare and anyone committed of a crime is sent to work, which these days is the most feared thing in the World. 

Our people have no weapons, no worries, and they are happy. 

When I was born, I was expected to live to around 250yrs, but I have since developed a cure for ageing, so I class myself as the first ever 'immortal'. Anyway, thats a story for another day.



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