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Fellow Members, Post Your Lucid UFO Dreams Here.

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posted on Apr, 17 2012 @ 11:58 AM
i have had many lucid UFO themed dreams...recently, last three months maybe, they appeared like a Jelly Fish craft, another time as a standard giant saucer shape that was showing off its ability to maneuver in the air unlike our aircraft...I remember thinking in the, a ufo...perhaps last week, I had one of these dreams where I was looking at a super starry sky and they were shooting back and forth among the stars, somehow.

last May I had a dream of a Independence Day style UFO that looked like the moon and about the same size for some reason...that one was sending everyone running in a panic.

now that I think about it i either dream about nonsense or other worldly objects or creatures...Kylons, Trolls, Dragons and evil sex goddesses and such.

posted on Apr, 17 2012 @ 12:06 PM
reply to post by orionthehunter

Wow. orionthehunter! Fantastic dreams you've had in that you were kicking alien Butt! lol Some of you guys have great story lines for movies.

I like being in control in my dreams...although I'm not always seated at the driver's wheel in the majority...Sounds like you were a Superman or something!

Thanks so much for sharing...and coming to share again. Your dreams are interestingly entertaining!

posted on Apr, 17 2012 @ 12:18 PM
reply to post by lbndhr

Hi lbndhr.
Thank you for sharing ..and what a strange dream! I can relate to the fear/feelings while dreaming and yes! some dreams have an impact that you will never forget!

Who knows, we could be encountering all kinds of things that we are not aware... I say this in truth.. because of this happening and people do not acknowledge -.i.e. Alert- EMF-RF-Microwave- electrosmog dangers

Maybe one day, people will awaken enough to at LEAST listen.
Who knows, these fields could even possibly be causing us to have more and even weirder dreams ! The electrosmog can affect our brains and everything else and have not been properly studied! No one can possibly know all of the effects these fields cause.

Appreciate your sharing - Very Interesting!

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posted on Apr, 17 2012 @ 12:41 PM

Originally posted by michaelbrux
i have had many lucid UFO themed dreams...recently, last three months maybe, they appeared like a Jelly Fish craft, another time as a standard giant saucer shape that was showing off its ability to maneuver in the air unlike our aircraft...I remember thinking in the, a ufo...perhaps last week, I had one of these dreams where I was looking at a super starry sky and they were shooting back and forth among the stars, somehow.

last May I had a dream of a Independence Day style UFO that looked like the moon and about the same size for some reason...that one was sending everyone running in a panic.

now that I think about it i either dream about nonsense or other worldly objects or creatures...Kylons, Trolls, Dragons and evil sex goddesses and such.

Hi michael,
Thanks for jumping in to share. Much appreciated. Wildstuff!
I ,too,have had strange ufo's in my dreams. Have also had a jelly fish type UFO appear in my dreams but this wasn't the type that prompted me to make this thread. And have lots of panic dreams. I often wonder, is our daily stress coming out in some type of weird dream form...

It's amazing how these dreams can stick with you! Did you write these down or easily recall?

and lol I've dreamed a lot of nonsense too but have found that sometimes our dream world can be way better than living a day in the real world - of course that's depending upon your day and dream!

posted on Apr, 17 2012 @ 12:47 PM

Originally posted by snusfanatic
Me and my buddy are standing, in the middle of the night, in our college town outside of an apartment we used to share. We're in the common area/court yard. "What are we doing here?" he asks. "I don't know, what time is it?"

He points up, "There it is!" An object moves low over a distant tree line. We begin to chase it on foot. Then comes the moment when it stops and we realize; it sees us. Don't know how we know, but we know.

The end.

Hi snusfanatic
Thanks for sharing your strange dream.... You know it knows.... sounds like my real life experience.
Am wondering if you have you ever witnessed a ufo in real life? I definitely can relate to the feel of your dream.
Short and sweet but I get it.

posted on Apr, 17 2012 @ 02:48 PM
reply to post by SeekerLou

this thread is the only time i wrote them down...the dreams in and of themselves were memorable but contact with anything just ships doing flips and stopping on a dime after traveling fast and then changing direction; showing off.

when I have them I just assume that something i'm going to watch on television that day has spaceships,yes, I watch television...the dreams seem like a movie.

the best dream i ever had was one where the moon was on fire. that actually happened.

posted on Apr, 17 2012 @ 03:24 PM
reply to post by michaelbrux

Dudes.... Jelly fish craft?

My girlfriend's dad -- first day I met him, he was driving us to his home (He lives in the hills) --- he casually described *exactly* that --- a large floating jelly fish.


posted on Apr, 17 2012 @ 09:50 PM
reply to post by SeekerLou

I'm glad to have added to your thread Lou.

Like I said in those original threads, the dreams were not dreams, but experiences. I'm still haunted by the dream in part two and went so far as mailing the original sketches of the hieroglyphs to a friend of mine who is an Egyptologist. She has still been unable to decipher the original glyphs, and even talked to her former professor about them. He said that he didn't recognize any of them, but they bore striking resemblances to glyphs that he had seen before. If I could remember all the glyphs in the original grid, I'd re-sketch them and find a way to link the pix.

The views in the second dream were nothing that I'd ever experienced before in a normal dream. I really believe that I was either seeing something out there or perhaps something was communicating to me. I really hope I can figure that out one day.



posted on Apr, 18 2012 @ 08:11 AM
Monday night, my husband and I both had the same dream! This has never happened to us before and we have no way of explaining it away. He does not read ATS, nor does he listen to anything unusual in nature.

UFO which came down and shot lasers at people on a coastal community, which disintegrate the people instantly.

That is all we both remember....odd

posted on Apr, 18 2012 @ 10:56 AM

Originally posted by ThinkingCap
reply to post by michaelbrux

Dudes.... Jelly fish craft?

My girlfriend's dad -- first day I met him, he was driving us to his home (He lives in the hills) --- he casually described *exactly* that --- a large floating jelly fish.


Yikes! Seriously? Trippy IS the word... Yeah this is a coincidence on the jelly fish. It's kind of wild, eh?

Once I dreamed of a turtle like looking UFO lol... and if someone has witnessed one in real life... I'll definitely be trippin'...
Thanks for this information and if there is more to elaborate, please do...

posted on Apr, 18 2012 @ 11:05 AM
reply to post by truthseeker1984

Thanks once again. You have truly experienced something odd ..This would bother me too....I can understand how these things can ''haunt'' you. TRULY I do... I've been bothered often by dreams and the OCD kicks in lol. Am sure you understand this feeling. I sense it

I do hope you get answers soon, so good luck! BTW I have read of orange donut shaped ufos online before. Your donut shaped ones, btw, remind me of the outer space critters with the exception of being orange! Wild stuff!

posted on Apr, 18 2012 @ 11:07 AM
reply to post by curiouswa

Hums *Twilight Zone* theme...
Wow, pretty scary - you both dreaming same!

Appreciate the share.
Now THAT makes one think, doesn't it? Do you think you have been abducted? Curious. Does ANYone in this thread believe they have been?
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posted on Apr, 18 2012 @ 11:23 AM
Good thread
I've had several, but I'll just write about the two strangest I've ever had. The first was about 4 years ago: I was standing on top of a mountain and the top was flat. The ground was very dusty and had tiny rocks on it. The air and the ground and the dust all had a yellowish tint to it. I'm standing up there with 30 people or so, and we're all waiting for someone or something. We were stranded up there because everything below had flooded, the water wasn't even far from the top of this mountain. Suddenly, a giant ship in the shape of a silver fish rose out of the water and everyone boarded. We were saved from the flood by a ufo that was in the water that had risen to the top of the mountain.

This next one happened about a year or so ago, and it didn't involve a ufo, per se, but it was definitely alien-related. I was in a warehouse with my daughter and there were a few others mulling around. The warehouse had store aisles in it and everyone was shopping for coats, for some reason. Suddenly, my daughter and I realized it was too quiet and everyone else was gone. Across the warehouse was an office, like a manager's office, and we started to run to the open door that a woman was holding open, because behind us, a "woman"-like being, in tight black leather, ala "the Matrix" was floating above the floor behind us. With her came this insanely blue light, a color I can only describe as being the same as what is found on power buttons on newer electronics. It filled the room and chased behind us, almost like the light itself was alive. We made it to the office, but then I realized my daughter was gone. The other woman closed the door, but the light burst the door open and, as we were hiding behind a couch, the light picked up the couch and everything else in there, such as a desk, and it was suspended in the air. Now this is the weirdest part, and I swear, to this day I can still remember the sensation, but the light finally found me and as it touched my skin, I felt a tingling sensation, not unpleasant, really, and watched as it crawled up my hand and forearm. I watched my hand and forearm disappear, but yet I could still feel it, the weird part being that I could feel it somewhere else, like it didn't disappear, it was just moved somehow, transported, or like my cells were rearranged, hard to describe. The light moved up my arm and through my body, and that is all i could remember until I woke up. It was so real, the sensation so real, I kept checking my arm when I woke up. i attributed it to maybe laying on my arm wrong while sleeping and it going numb, but it felt different than that kind of feeling. That was the only time I dreamt of that light, but everytime I see neon signs or electronics with that color, it brings back the memory of it so clearly.

posted on Apr, 18 2012 @ 03:35 PM
reply to post by mountaingirl1111

Thanks Mountaingirl. Appeciate your dream contribution . A Silverfish huh? Wild reality dream, I am sure! Am curious if you were going through trying times - in a rut- but made it though those tough times somehow escaping? Curious...

And your last dream was also strange and interesting. Pretty wild stuff. Am going to have to watch the Matrix all over again as I keep hearing people bring this up... (have forgotten the majority of it but have the gist).

The neon blue light is interesting as well. .I was prompted to do this thread because of a dream with a ''neon blue light'' .... Here is my dream:

I was rolling over in my sleep, when I found myself starting to wake up a bit. Upon awakening, I was still slightly disoriented and tried to focus my eyes, then the realization set in that I was in the car, with my head facing the window looking out into the night sky. I noticed a brilliant neon colored ( if neon is accurate but does best describe it for now) blue light way up in the sky. I also then realized my adult son was asleep in the front passengers seat. Then I started beginning to question , wth? For I had retired in my bed that night.

So noticing the strangeness of it all, and the unusual neon blue colored light, I hurriedly woke son up and alerted him to this light -realizing this was a UFO. We both were in awe of this light then It grew in intensity . This is when we realized more of these ufos showed up.. They played around up there for a bit and somehow we both knew that these ''things'' had intelligence - that they knew we were observing. Suddenly, the first- initially spotted UFO started swooping downward We became scared and had gotten out of car already , ready to run inside the house but I remember thinking ''you can run and not hide'' and my curiosity get the better of me me and I just stood there somewhat calm about it. I was observing everything that I could about this experience to learn from it, and gathered details of the object so I could properly report.
Not sure what woke me up... But of course I did awaken in my bed. Dreaming that you just woke up to find that you are NOT awake is kind of a weird experience to top.
For now, with reason, I am going to keep the description to myself for a bit longer just to see if ANYone has dreamed similar. Testing the waters ...ifycmd
Are any of your dreams similar to others? I enjoy more and more learning about this subject.... As long as I am still learning - I'm living!

Thought that would be a good time to share. Back to YOUR dream... question? Are you interested in science? curious ... Have you been reading quantum entanglement or similar topics? Who knows, maybe we already have a transporter! or teleportation device! That is weird with your arm and all. Appreciate your sharing. And I here ya... this is similar the neon blue is a ''reminder'' to me tooooo... wow...that is very coincidental? Same here!
Thanks again everyone.
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posted on Apr, 18 2012 @ 04:51 PM
reply to post by SeekerLou

Very interesting about the neon blue light!!!! Gives me goosebumps
I'm going to U2U you about a few things, because there's more to say about this, but I'll just keep it under wraps in the public forum.

Anyway, the flooding/giant ufo fish dream was the tail end of a series of dreams that occurred off and on for a year or two that all involved sudden tsunamis overtaking everything. After having them for so long, I researched a bit and found that people all over the world were having them, too, people who don't usually remember their dreams were having these destruction-themed dreams. I've even come across people on here over the past day that shared similar meteor dreams I've had, so I think it's less about stress, and more about some sort of global subconscious. But, what that subconscious is trying to say, well, that's anyone's guess!

No, although I am interested in astronomy and geology on an amateurish level, I'm a psychology major. I've tried pinpointing certain influences down to certain dreams, and sometimes, there are dreams that are just odd because they're odd. I'm a natural lucid dreamer, have been doing it since childhood, and, as I posted somewhere else recently, have an eidetic memory, so my dream world is much more than dream world to me, sometimes unfortunately
As far as sharing what others have dreamt about, some fits, some doesn't. i will say that the woman who shared a dream with her husband is a common thing between me and my husband. I call it "tandem dreaming", two people hooked up together, dreaming the same thing at the same time, same night. I noticed this started happening a couple or few years ago and we can finish each other's dreams fully, even the small details. Why this started or why this happens, i'm not sure, though I have some theories I will keep to myself for now, but it does happen.

I did forget to mention one thing about the blue light and you seeing ufos in the sky. I've had a recurring dream of standing in a grassy field at dawn near my home. I know the actual area and it is about 3 miles from my house. I am standing there and looking towards the foothills and mountains and see these silent ufos cartwheeling across the ground, in front of the hills, I'm standing from quite a distance, so they have to be quite large to appear so big from about a mile or two away. They're triangular shaped, but only in how the lights are. There doesn't seem to be much structure, they seem hollow in the middle somehow, but the outside framework is connected by bright,jewel-toned lights, bright magenta, teal, and royal blue, with the brightest lights on the tips. Sometimes it is just one, sometimes they're in 3s. That is all they do, just cartwheel along, and I feel like they are almost performing for me. It is quite beautiful, but strange. Then I wake up.

Now, when I have dreamt about them, and including the dream with the blue light, I find myself (or remember the next morning) waking up in the middle of the night and staring out the windows. That's it, I just get up and walk to the window. Now, this is the weird part, my room seems bright, like the moon is full and high, but I look and can't find the moon. I do notice that it seems almost like dawn outside and my room has a very light bluish tint in it, like the color of very early morning. I'll look at the clock and it will be between 2:30 & 3:30 am, but I don't find it odd for the sky to be so bright or my room to be lit up, and I just crawl back into bed. When I wake the next morning, I always wonder why I don't wake my husband to show him the sky or ask why the room can be so bright, it's like I just accept it and go back to sleep.

posted on Apr, 19 2012 @ 11:44 AM
reply to post by mountaingirl1111

Thank you for your u2u. I now have a little better understanding of your posts here...U2Ud back.

Very interesting post, Mountaingirl..

so I think it's less about stress, and more about some sort of global subconscious. But, what that subconscious is trying to say, well, that's anyone's guess!

I hear from where you are coming. I'm with you and wish to know it's saying
lol -- wish it wouldn't beat around the bush so much and get straight to the point!

"Tantum" dreaming is a good term .and THIS is VERY strange - coincidence or not! I can imagine there would be meaning in this or a sign of something?? I have my ideas too...but again I'm still learning and trying to gather my perspective on it all.

Very much Interested in psychology here too..And I have to say that seeing UFO's in our waking and dreaming states does have it's effects!

You mentioned in one of your felt they were performing for you. In real life, I've seen ufos , I guess you could say, perform for me. I say this because I felt as if they knew I was observing and then they showed those incredible maneuvers. so, Waking -dreaming, guess it doesn't matter - I think they are MAKING us take notice. Your description of the UFO was great btw. I could visualize like I was there

but in real life nor in my dreams have I seen anything like your description. Sounds incredibly beautiful actually. You mentioned triangular lights *ReAL life: spouse and I have seen an isosolese triangular craft - up close /personal! I reported to Peter Davenport...And what he said to me blew my mind.
Have posted several times here about that. Kind of strange you dreamed of triangular lights-- So many are seeing/ reporting these days.

Accepting it? Kind of the same way...Just take it and go on...but my curiosity has the better of me and I cannot let this go without research! Conditioned behavior? Honestly, I DO get what you're saying because spouse is so non-challant re the strangeness of it all...and I honestly find this even MORe strange...It's almost like having a stepford spouse.. and I'm not joking either.

Waking reality- or dreams...they truly do affect people in more ways than one can imagine.... that was for other folks...not you mgirl
You KNOW the effects as well. DO look fwd to more discussion!

posted on Apr, 20 2012 @ 02:40 AM
reply to post by SeekerLou

You know, I never had have a real life experience. But my sister has, your question made me think that I should get her on here sometime. I'd love to hear about yours sometime!

posted on Apr, 20 2012 @ 07:51 AM
reply to post by snusfanatic

Hi snusfanatic,
Thanks for your reply. Thought the question legit : was curious to know. Yeah, believe me, I understand how things can prompt one to start thinking and question. So your sister has had a real experience but you have not? Maybe you just do not remember as I've heard several people over time have recalled their memories of such. Interesting, your sister , and , yes, it would be great to get her to join ATS....If you get her to come, be sure to tell her "The rabbit hole is verrrry deep and strange".lol ...Would love to hear about her experience as well.

Snus ... here ya go - one I spotted although no other witness. If you read my report ... you may laugh or label me crazy... but it happened. This truly had a psychological effect on me. They all have but this morphing one was the one that caused the really eerie/scary type feeling . Tried to play it off though.... didn't work!

In studying this.... it seems several are saying that some of their dreams are actual memories that eventually resurface ..
I am on a quest to KNOW : I want answers as to what is happening because something definitely is going on in this world.
And then again, I realize our minds are a powerful thing and that they can be manipulated. So are your dreams actual dreams or a covered memory ? Someone in here has gotten me thinking a bit more too...Got you to thinking? Well good!... Thinking is a gooood thing- Shows we're TRYING to use our brains

Anyway, are you so sure that these may not be implanted ''dreams''? Not trying to mess with your head or anything .... but again, had to ask!

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posted on Apr, 20 2012 @ 08:10 PM
Here is the description of the ufo in my dream ...ok . The UFO came down toward the ground and hovered approx 5 ft above the ground , Object was approx 20 ft away . It was very out of norm imo . Searched online for any UFO that was similar in description but nothing like. Did find similar /symbol on a''protective jewelry" site, I'd never heard of...

The UFO was made like a grid of sorts best I can desribe. It came down on it's side and hovered long enough for me to gather the details. The outside edges were octagonal...And the lights were contant/ solid. They were the most brilliantly brightest neon blue ever .The light felt so very pure ? Can't explain that but it did.... The blue lights were in form of a grid of sorts all on the outside of the object. This had to have been contained in a tubing or mold of some kind ?...I was mesmorized ....then all of a sudden the cut out spaces between the blue lights starting shining brilliant white light... Almost checker board-ish with the exception of the squares ...these are also octagonal shape ..

The only thing I could match this up to....the ufo decription -was to some type of supposed protective jewelry that I'd never heard . Thought it kind of strange. Anyway, here is a photo of piece of jewelry.. It looked very close to the inside of this thing...don't pay attention to the outside.... This mean I'm protected? lol What do you guys think? .

Appreciate ya.

posted on Jun, 2 2012 @ 02:43 AM
I’ve had three lucid dreams where the sky was suddenly filled with UFO’s. I woke up feeling good after each dream. In one of the dreams I was riding my bike near my house and a UFO hovered right above me--I can still remember the details--and I gasped because it was so close and REAL and also personal (because it seemed like they were there specifically for me). Then I fled but there were more UFO’s that landed on the street, all different shapes and sizes. In one of the ships an alien was waving at me. I only saw his silhouette in the window. The dream haunted me so much that I rode my bike down the same street at the exact time on different days hoping/fearing it would happen in real life.

I’ve also had several abduction dreams. The last one I was lying on a table and I was struggling or fighting back though the alien was trying to subdue me. I haven’t had an abduction dream since. My most recent alien dream was with a family friend who was murdered not too long ago. She came to my house with an alien--a man wearing a red suit with very large eyes. She seemed agitated. To this day I can’t figure out if the alien was someone I could trust or not. He had a door salesman look about him.I remember thinking his eyes were beautiful though. He had a message for me but I don't remember what it was.

I'm glad I found this thread. Can't talk to just anybody about my strange alien dreams...

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