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Murdoch hacking scandal moves to US

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posted on Apr, 12 2012 @ 08:46 PM

The international hacking scandal that disrupted Rupert Murdoch’s media empire and ended his trademark paper The News of the World is officially coming to America. A prominent British lawyer has confirmed he will be filing related charges in the US. Attorney Mark Lewis has revealed that he will seek legal action on behalf of three American clients that he believes were targeted in the hacking scandal that almost collapsed Murdoch’s News Corporation last year. The lawyer is slated to arrive in the US on Saturday and the UK’s Guardian has confirmed that he will begin talking to parties in New York next week as he works to bring charges against Murdoch’s group domestically. More at -

This pretty good news. I'm sure a lot of folks have forgotten all about this.

Hopefully this will be very public, and maybe even be a win for the fair press this country is sorely lacking.

posted on Apr, 12 2012 @ 09:06 PM
reply to post by ideasarebulletproof

Hmm, as much as I'd like to believe this man will get what he deserves, I doubt he'll see anything substantial in the USA.

Considering a number of aspects:

1. Fox News and the republican influence.
Its clear even to a being from another planet, that fox news is mocking its viewers with its '' fair and balanced '' trademark. If you watch anything more than 2seconds of them squawking you'd see this. They are in fact nothing but a Cheney/Bush/Republican/Elite power broker backed propaganda ministry. These are the people that control the senate, the house, the government and the law. They would NEVER attack the man who allows them to public ally spread their 'influencing poison'

2. Murdoch Media empire has invested in a bloody lot of American social life, particularly things like Iraq, Wall St, the banks. To attack this man opens up the possibility he will void all his funding and influence and ensure that the elite power brokers in the USA and left high and dry.

3. If he didn't get any real punishment in the UK, which still has a somewhat functioning and real government 'for the people' then he wont get anything more than a slap on the wrist in the US.

Now, the man is worth BILLIONS. If you want to punish someone worth billions you don't give him a fine of a few hundred million. You give him a fine of a few hundred billion so he really appreciates the fact that he has lost something substantial, that he did something very wrong and will think twice.

Think of it like a speeding fine and ratios.
If I had a bank account of $50k, and the fine for speeding was only $20. I guarantee you I'd be wracking up 5-10 speeding fines a day when driving a slick SS Commodore down the freeway. why? because the punishment is weak.
If I got a fine of $10k per speeding fine, id never take the car for a drive again.

If there EVER was an example of '' too big to ALLOW '' this is it.

He has major propaganda holdings in all western influenced countries.

SAUDI Arabia

and lets face it, FOX NEWS is the corner stone of western propaganda.

Hi Rupert, I have no doubt you have people scanning the airwaves and internet looking for anything and everything that shows you to be a menace to the world.

Just FYI, your son is porking your wife, even a blind man can see it from the 'pretend' trials you had in the UK.

Looking for a knife in the back from those you trust the most!

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