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The Distraction Conspiracy, 2012, Consensus Reality and various Awakenings

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posted on Apr, 12 2012 @ 08:08 AM
Hi there, this thread has been brewing in my head for maybe a few weeks, and just finally got its last piece arrive in my head this afternoon. This is what I believe to be part of, or most of, the main conspiracy going on right now with all of us, and which all of us are taking part in and helping shape.

Ok, I'm going to start with an analogy. Imagine your mind as not your Earth mind, but as Universal mind.

So for whatever reasons we ended up here. We go through our lives conditioned with this and that, then arrive here in the present moment. Now imagine your mind as a block of flats. Then imagine all the different parts of your mind. The internet surfer, the lover, the worker, the games player, the dreamer, the meditator, the friend, etc, etc.

Then imagine your true self checks into this block of flats and finds that there's an empty flat and decides to move in....

Now, most of the other parts of your personality were getting along however well and just want to be left to do their own thing, so when the true self decides to move in, almost the whole block of flats is going crazy. Some can't even remember who it is! Some think it's an invader, some see it for what it is and realise their aspects might get pushed into the background, some even think every aspect is going to have to move out and the true self is going to takeover the whole block of flats and hog it for itself! And of course, some see it for who it is, say hi and go back to their own flat happy that their friend is back. The place is in uproar for the most part though, and things are chaotic.

Now, I think this is what happens to a degree pre-awakening. The true self has been trying to get a look-in for ages, then all of a sudden there's a shift, (for whatever reason.) and the true self, even though most of the other aspects are going crazy, has found a permanent place in the mind instead of just being inspiration here and there, or there every now and then for whatever reason. (it'd visit certain members of the flats at times, and others weren't cool about it, but as long as the dude stayed away from them for the most part, whatever.)

Now think of that scenario as the Earth. Our true Universal self emerges and everything is going mental, like things have been going crazy for a while now.

But the catch is that the true self can stop at any point and point something very obvious out. It can stop and say "Hey, you're all freaking out because I'm here? Well why don't you try stepping outside for a bit, because there's a whole universe out there, it's not just you lot! You've been stuck inside so long that you've forgotten the rest of the world(s) outside!"

Which kind of shuts all of them up at once, and you get a collective "HUH?!" Then they realise.....

I think the conspiracy, which might even be done ourselves unconsciously, is to be so wrapped up in our other aspects that we don't give enough time to the true self. Also that this year might be when we have a big chance of seeing our true selves, and also that this is going to reflect perfectly in events going on around us if you look at the big picture and not just what MSM tells you.

We are being distracted from our true self, and all this crap going off all over the world is a perfect example of that. Issues are getting blown up out of all proportion, everything looks so fake and we wonder "What is such a big deal with so many of these issues?" Well, maybe they're being blown up because something else is arriving, our true self, and many of us (or certain aspects of our collective mind.) don't wanna know!

There's maybe a window here where this is very important to think about with it being 2012.

Now all you people that say 2012 is a load of jumped up hoaxers trying to cause a scene and the Mayans never thought this or that would happen, etc, doesn't matter.

What does matter is that enough people are starting to believe in it, and if our reality is built upon consensus, then it might become a self-fulfilling prophecy to a certain degree.

Our minds do their own thing, but the background is what we believe the world to be, and that background is the shaping ground as far as I see for our reality. We do our own things, but all the time, the picture we have of the world and the way we think, or are conditioned to believe it is, serves as the unconscious setting for what our reality actually is, and if enough people alter their backgrounds so to speak, if they change their version of what they think reality is, then that settles into the collective unconscious mind of us as a species, and allows things to change.

So if you feel your true self is arriving, it might be best to remind the other aspects of yourself to chill out and allow it to have its own place. Of course certain aspects won't like it, others might think it's an invader or something (in that case you just remind those aspects that if the "true self" doesn't turn out to be a true self, there's a whole block of flat members to kindly ask it to leave.

The signs of this if true are all over the place and will get more obvious as things go on, but you have to remember, this isn't about me making a thread putting my own theory across so much, it's also about what we think might happen this year collectively, and how many of us are changing that background setting in our minds, which then go over into the collective mind/unconscious.

Just a few things to leave you with :

Firstly a video that I posted the other day in another forum here, and the account went down a few hours later that'd been there for over a year. (and I then found this version.) It's P.K. Dick speaking about programmed realities and how his life was changed by batches of memories that'd arrive in his head, reminding him of a whole other way reality might be :

Next a 4-part program that was linked in the same forum (psychology, philosophy and metaphysics, edit : thanks to the user dohya!), one that basically shows how so many scientific facts that we take for granted aren't so set in stone after all. Give it 10-20 mins of the 1st episode to get going if you watch it, it gets a lot better than at the start, and it's written and presented by Brian Greene : Fabric of the Cosmos

My last thing to say would be that you be very conscious of the way you see reality, what you think are the facts, and how your mind is part of and helping shape the greater whole. And if your true self arrives shortly and the whole block of flats in your head is kicking off, remember you can give them a simple few words to help them settle down a bit.

Careful now.

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posted on Apr, 12 2012 @ 11:58 AM
I only read the first 5 paragraphs.

I'm an odd one to many, but "I'm ready".
I have become semi masterful at music (from an honest-to-self 10,000 hour perspective - Mozart??) & can compose in so many different terminologies of sound, & also have ninja like physical characteristics with my ability to tight rope walk and perform acrobatics. Finger dexterity & cardio off the charts. I juggle, meditate, & also have abilities to heal through sound/mindstate + touch. More, I can see people in ways that reveals what they are changing, holding onto, or fearful of in regards to their spirit & emotional life, and can feel emotion on my physical body as if in temperature. I hope to live to 120+

And all of this is for you.
In lak'ech.

We are brothers.

When you let the higher self take over, it may only be a moment or two. There is no race & change can be harmonius. Be what you are, not what you want to be.
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posted on Apr, 12 2012 @ 01:01 PM
I agree completely, Ive tried to get this discussion started before but its difficult because it deals with self responsibility and holding yourself accountable for your life....most people do not like that to deal with that....

I've often thought "what if conspiracies are part of the conspiracy?!" I mean, it kinda makes sense. The longer we run around looking for aliens, bigfoot, monoliths on mars, etc the less time we spend working on ourselves and dealing with our lives. We just keep running down the rabbit hole at full speed hoping to find the end but we never do...and we never will.

I don't mean to judge anyone, I've come to this conclusion on my own because I have spent so much time running down the rabbit hole but in the end, what does it all mean and most importantly, what difference has it made to my life?

We all look behind curtains and in basements for the boogie man. We all look up to the heavens to be saved by Jesus, Allah or Aliens.

But really all we have is just US. That's an uncomfortable thought for most. But like you mentioned, whether 2012 prophecies are real or a hoax, we all collectively create our world and universe and if we all believe big changes are coming then they will come.

The Mind creates reality so be careful what you wish for!

Anyways, great post, Ill be checking these vids now. Also, Robert Anton Wilson is one of my faves, as well as Phillip Dick, he had a lot of great ideas in this department too.


posted on Apr, 12 2012 @ 08:14 PM

Originally posted by wrdwzrd

I don't mean to judge anyone, I've come to this conclusion on my own because I have spent so much time running down the rabbit hole but in the end, what does it all mean and most importantly, what difference has it made to my life?

But really all we have is just US. That's an uncomfortable thought for most. But like you mentioned, whether 2012 prophecies are real or a hoax, we all collectively create our world and universe and if we all believe big changes are coming then they will come.

The Mind creates reality so be careful what you wish for!

Well said I wanted to bounce off of your thought.

Yes all we have is US. The rabbit hole (does it go up? or down? in? or out?) serves a purpose though. Yes you can become lost in it. If the masses continue to be in a rabbit hole we will have a snap-realization where we'll pull our selves out & BAM, things all sorts of crazy.

THE COIN is flipping right now, by the time it *bounces* on the other side sooo many people will have to immediately begin metamorphosing with the self. Their one self.

We are in an extremely advanced chess game with infinite varieties & we are collectively going into the better 2/3rds of the game.

The mind & the body have their own balance with this world and the eternal world. Everyone has their own personal balance. Yes it can become refined & yes it can improve vastly!

It can be harmonius or apocolyptic change. Attraction works & is pervading through all. True selves are coming out day by day. Heads or tails? whatcha gonna call it???

posted on Apr, 13 2012 @ 04:53 AM
Agreed with a lot of/most of what both of you are saying, and thanks for the responses!

Have tried to avoid adding anything else personally to this as the first post seems fine for the time being, but one thing did get me last night, and that was finding this story :

Will definitely be following that one to see how it pans out, because clearly that's going to change the way a lot of us see things if it starts getting enough support. I get that there could be some other agendas at play there, but either way that's going to be huge if the MSM especially starts running with it.

posted on Apr, 15 2012 @ 10:27 AM
Just a couple more things to add for now :

Firstly an Anonymous Operation that's one of the most ambitious of all :

There's more transmissions here along with a thread to follow the operation if possible, that I made a while back :

Anonymous - EtherSec - OpEpoch - 2012

Secondly, if you want to research into the history of PsyOps, you might want to bookmark this thread. It's been locked, don't know if it's opening again, but I'd guess that if anyone messages a mod you'll at least get some type of response with info about what's going on with it :

What is Tavistock?
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