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Brownshirts and You, why ignorance on the Brownshirts will cost you

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posted on Apr, 12 2012 @ 06:19 AM

Originally posted by wdkirk
...At first I thought the UPS (United Parcel Service) was taking over...they wear brown shirts and there motto is "what can brown do for you".

Good to know my packages will still be on time and that we were really talking about some Hitler crap.

By the way, what is up with the couple of Germany, WWII and Hitler threads over the last couple of days? He's dead, they lost and the war is over.

Because Nazi Germany was a testing ground for many of the things we are experiencing now. That and a good deal of our technology comes from Nazi Germany and Nazi scientist's... The US military didn't want to use it, but had to to keep from falling behind the Soviets, but I digress.

posted on Apr, 12 2012 @ 06:36 AM

Originally posted by sonnny1
reply to post by EyesWideShut


Regulated or Controlled,by the Presidency?

We already have a well funded militia.

Recent Gallup poll data on the public’s opinion regarding gun control shows a change in the sentiment of Americans and gun ownership continues to rise. A higher percentage of Americans who own guns lean Republican (55 percent of Republicans surveyed own guns), but the number of residents owning guns that lean Democrat have made huge leaps in the last two years, from 30 percent to 40 percent. True to form, southerners (54 percent) and residents in the Midwest (51 percent) are more likely to own guns than those in the East (36 percent) or West (43 percent). A recent article in reports that about 34 percent of Americans own guns. Most of them are men, as about 46 percent of men say they own guns as opposed to 23 percent of women. Adults age 35 to 54 without a college education are also more likely to own a gun that any other demographic.

The Number of Gun Owners Across America Continue to Rise

What source are you citing that says Obama is trying to create a civilian army with loyalty to him? Are we still talking about OWS? Seriously? Let's pick a topic and focus on it. What militia are you talking about that's? already well funded? If you're talking about our armed forces, they're not a militia, they're a professional military, in which he's already the CIC, you're way out of your lane man. Where do the rise in gun purchases factor into all of this
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posted on Apr, 12 2012 @ 08:40 AM

Originally posted by bhornbuckle75
reply to post by korathin

I found this link about a 100,00 strong, Zombie Army!!!

Unfortunately it's not what I thought it was going to be......

Hey, if its Zombies, Im there!

posted on Apr, 12 2012 @ 12:00 PM
reply to post by korathin

When people think of the Brownshirt's, they think of the paramilitary group Hitler used to stay in power. There is one big problem with that thought, it just isn't true.

I have never heard anyone say that Hitler used the brown shirts to stay in power.

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