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Man arrested for reading the Holy Bible in public

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posted on Dec, 25 2012 @ 06:10 PM
1. If the law states that you cannot preach to a captive audience then you do not preach to a captive audience. This is not about Freedom of Speech. You can preach and teach all over the place but you cannot do it at a Government Site of captive public.... Why? Because it can cause violence and hatred and anger... This is the opposite of what we as YaHuWaH's people must display, namely Good Fruits and not this pathetic grandstanding.. We do not have true opposition here in America... Maybe one day we will but it will not be because of this law...

2. The Word clearly states we are not to ARGUE... We are not to pass Judgements as we are not "THE JUDGE" who will Judge all of mankind one day... We are not to Break Caesars Laws either unless it interferes with our freedom to worship our Father and standing there and acting like an ass in front of the public at a Government Facility is NOT a wise use of that righteous indignation that this man clearly has and is wrongly placing...

3. When our Savior sent out the 70 in pairs of 2 to preach He told them specifically that if you encounter someone who does not want to hear The Word of YHWH then you are to leave and kick the dust of your feet, meaning that you are to not even give it a 2nd thought that they opposed The Word. In other words MOVE ON... in fact he even told the 70 that if they encounter this kind of stuff LEAVE. He was asked by the DMV guard to not do this grandstanding and he replied... DO WHAT YER GOING TO DO... He knew what was coming. This Born Again Bible Thumper wants everyone to know they are going to Hell and that they are going to burn forever by a Vengeful Controlling God who wants people to be in pain and suffering forever.... Preaching Hate... Preaching Anger... Preaching the COMPLETE OPPOSITE of what we are to "DISPLAY", namely LOVE. His Kind of Love and not an angry hateful twisted love.

Folks, many of you know that I cannot stand religion and churches and that I also am fairly outspoken about the fusions of paganism within Christianity... Especially on this day of all days, Sun God Worship Day fused with the lie that our Savior Was Born on this day... Fused with the Lie that His name was JeSUS... However that is because we talk here openly and frankly about hard core truth and we all should be here to HEAR TRUTH not just spew it... I too must remind myself that I must listen more and seek more however in this situation I see guys like this preacher doing more harm from anger than good from love and especially when it is in public. I'd like to see that church go up to each person and give them a 50 dollar bill and say "at Calvalry Chappel where we bring in millions per year in donations, we wanted to do something good in the Name of our Savior today and give you $50 bucks toward your costs today. Remember our Savior Loves you...." Instead they will spend that money in bail and grandstanding and spreading anger...

Religion is BIG GIANT BU$INE$$ FOLKS..... BIG MONEY.... This kind of stunt is exactly what raises BIG BIG MONEY! Make no mistake about it.... Meanwhile it actually hurts our freedom of speech because it teaches others that anyone that has a belief in a Creator is really a negative thing... no wonder the attacks on here against anyone of Faith...

posted on Dec, 25 2012 @ 08:12 PM

Originally posted by DocHolidaze

if someone is reading the bible in public and u don't want to hear it, don't listen, walk away or start reading another book out loud, its our right as humans to do what we want were we want when we want, reading a book doesn't warrant an arrest.

Now hold on. This has nothing to do with reading the bible.

You are waiting in line to renew your license. If you don't renew it, you can't drive legally. So, you HAVE to be there. You are stuck there. Now here comes a patriotic fanatic to read you the Declaration of Independence. Guess what, he should be arrested for holding you mentally hostage. He's reading so loud that he's preventing you from even having your own thoughts. This is wrong.

posted on Dec, 25 2012 @ 08:18 PM

Originally posted by XelNaga
could be more that its offensive to those who are not christian...and most people really dont want to hear someone preaching to them while theyre trying to do stuff.

read the bible out loud in church or home, not in public.

i applaud the police for doing this. i would applaud them for arresting anyone reading religious text in public out loud. i dont think it has much to do with taking away free speech as it does preventing conflict which discussing religion or doing what that guy is doing, usually does.

but i guess that makes me a nazi, yes?

also evangelicals are just as bad as southern baptist. no one wants to listen to them and their nonsense.
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So you demand we Christians read the Bible out loud in our own homes. Well, that has been tried already, apparently we can't even have a church service on own property now.

Pastor Arrested, Jailed For Private Church Services:

Like lonewolf said, it won't be long before they dictate what you can and cannot do within the confines of your own home, and they are already starting to do it. There is something about totalitarian regimes throughout history, religious persecution is always very heavy, especially against Christians, and Jews. Its as if a despotic regime can't do without it. This is only the beginning folks. Its going to get a lot worse as time goes along. The only difference with our situation is we have a right to bear arms, a right that is under heavy attack at this very moment, because the despotic state wants to have their way with us without us having the ability to defend ourselves.

Edit: Christians, are you ready to be labeled and persecuted?:

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posted on Dec, 26 2012 @ 12:16 AM
As a Christian I know they mean well, trying to obey the gospel that Jesus said to preach and teach.

Perhaps more caution is required in the methodology of the application, which I am all for.

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posted on Dec, 26 2012 @ 09:44 AM
I agree, this guy was in the wrong.
If I wanna hear gospel, I'll go to church, not the DMV

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