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A Warning [WRC]

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posted on Apr, 3 2012 @ 06:08 PM
If I am right, then this message is readable on the website on my account and it should have been entered into the Ruler of the World writing contest. I better be right, oh I better be. This is to my future army, which each and every single member will be a part of. I beg each of you read this.

I gave you food and water during the great drought, I sheltered you during the storms, and I gave you endless knowledge, freedom, anything you desired! You elected me leader, don’t you forget, and I lived up on my promises. Oh how you loved me.

He didn’t love me though. He was watching everything happen right in the background. Sure he joined when the army was called; sure he fought just as hard as the rest, but for what? He only fought to throw me off the throne and put himself on. That devious, mischievous punk! He just knew he would be able to gain ultimate power once the wars were fought and done with. I swear to you, he will not use that power for good like I have.

Behind my back he talked three quarters of you into joining him. You thought he would give you more, or that I was unjust. You believed something that made you go against your good leader. That brat rebelled. He led my army against me. None of you noticed the book burnings, the sudden disappearance of food, the lack of homes, or anything else that happened in his reign. The few that did notice blamed me. What was I supposed to do, lay back and let him chop my head off? I took the last remnants of what was my army and tried to fight. I used each strategy learned from the Great War, and yet it didn’t work.

I hear them coming now, eager with bloodlust to kill me. No, not them, YOU. It is you who comes for my head, each of you. It is you who joined him, and it is you who will suffer under his rule. I led you in the war against ignorance. I graced you with all that I could, and this is how you repay me! Curse these terms and conditions, I can’t violate them since you need to read this. If I could I would be expressing the full extent of my rage.

He is strong though, I’ll give him that. Never mind, I bring a warning. There is a traitor among you right now, watching in the shadows. He may already have his plan. After the Great War and ignorance has been purged from the planet, he will try to deceive you. Do not listen to him. Nothing good will come of it. He lies, remember that. He will try anything he can to get you to listen. Follow me when you choose me, be loyal, and I will give you prosperity and all else good in this world. I can’t believe he has me begging for help from the past.

I beg you, flag this letter. Your future comrades need to hear this message.

Your future good leader

posted on Apr, 4 2012 @ 10:36 PM
Dang those backstabbing time travelers. Thanks for the warning. I will be watching for him, or perhaps myself. Well written, you have your audience contemplating the outcome. Flagged.


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