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Comparative analysis of Russia's demise in 1917 and of the USA's now (From Pravda) dated 3/15/12

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posted on Apr, 1 2012 @ 11:36 PM
I like to go and look at Pravda from time to time and see what the Rooskies are up to and what they are writing about us. I found this and thought it was interesting. It seems to be a sincere comparison rather than a political hit piece. What say the rabble?

Included a couple external text boxes with some of the content, much more at the source, follow the link.

It rings true to me. History is repeated... Everything is a cycle.

THe gist of it is there was a bloodless coup in Russia, and now we have a coup, in the US.

He writes:

The judicial fight for restoration of the Constitutional order lasts since the end of 2008 and is still in progress.

Source here:

Compare this (what happened in Russia)

Since resignation of the Emperor of Russia in February 1917, the Temporary government was too weak and too liberal.

That government ignored the intelligence that Germany purposely let the train through its territory in 1917 with the so called "sealed cars" delivering V. Lenin and his team of the most militant Bolsheviks into Russia. Germany also financed this team with multi million support funds wishing the Bolsheviks to take power in Russia.

The Temporary government ignored this threat, and never acted adequately against Lenin - a German spy. Using these funds, Bolsheviks had bought newspapers and a lot of influence just in a few months of 1917.

In doing so, on November 7, 1917, in almost bloodless silent coup Bolsheviks dismissed the Constitutional Convention and the Temporary government. Since that moment they established a dictatorship, which at first seemed hardly noticeable by anybody.

To this (what happened in USA)

The strategists and law enforcing agencies in the US have completely neglected the spread of Marxism in the US. These agencies were rather picking the wind and reading the wish of the "political elite".

The law enforcement deliberately ignored the money sources and illegal activity of peoples like Soros, clubs like Bilderberg, and the "one world government" ideologues.

Therefore in 2008 a constitutionally unqualified (not US natural born) candidate, a Marxist, an agent of influence and Moslem sympathizer, identity thief, fraud and forger Obama/Soetoro was promoted, allowed to campaign and to win the US presidency - unobstructed by even one political leader, election commission, or any other official! Unobstructed by his opponents McCain and Palin! Unobstructed by the opposition - Republican - party.

In fact, Republicans, McCain and Palin cooperated with the rival in order that he win: They did vet McCain's qualifications (Sen. Res 511, 2008) but had never done it for the opponent. Republicans keep helping the usurper to win up to this moment in 2012, when it is already discovered that the usurper is a fraud and identity thief. They carefully avoid bringing fore or even hinting to any of the numerous crimes of Obama - the rival, whom they supposedly wish to win.

According to the analysis compiled by J. Williams, many representatives of the elite and the legislature desired to see Obama a president and paved the way for him many years prior to 2008, yet their activity was ignored.

So the November of 2008 became a day of a de-facto coup in the US, when the Constitution was silently and willingly abandoned by all the political parties and by the three "as though independent" branches of the government. This coup (now in progress) first seemed hardly noticeable by anybody.

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posted on Apr, 2 2012 @ 12:46 AM
I think we should keep in mind that the oligarchs are the ones that control Russia now, and they have a vested interest in discrediting communist and socialist ideologies to their citizens. Furthermore, they, in league with the American oligarchs (whom they are quite friendly with), wish to malign and smear any intellectual discussion of the basic rights of citizenry. At the same time they wish to smear America in the public mind as being that which is despicable. Nevermind that it was the oligarchs themselves who created the failure in their "communist" system in order to exploit the people. (The quotes are because it may have been more dictatorial than communist in principle)

What's the quickest indicator that this is a propaganda smear piece? They claim Lenin was a German spy. While Lenin took help where he could get it across Europe, any student of history knows better than to think he was a German agent. The last emperor of Russia made this claim as well, and it was as dismissive and without merit then as it is today.

I'm not advocating or dismissing any particular system here. Let's just be real about history though pravda.

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posted on Apr, 2 2012 @ 12:52 AM
reply to post by pirhanna

Well said mate!

Lenin was a German spy.

While abroad Lenin organized the release of a legal newspaper in St. Petersburg, called “Pravda” (“Truth”). He composed numerous articles under different pseudonyms for Bolshevik newspapers. Although Lenin stayed abroad he remained the guiding force for his collaborators and did everything he could to feed the revolutionary spirit, but not without the help of foreign sponsors, which later helped to accuse Lenin of spying....
....It’s a fact though that a lot of revolutionaries were paid from German pockets. When it came to funds, Lenin had shifty principles; he simply didn’t care where they came from. To call him a spy would be a mistake. It was a two-way street as both sides got what they wanted. Lenin used the money to get the power. Germans used the revolution to sign a truce with Russia on terms that were to their advantage.

Yeah just more anti-worker, anti-left, propaganda.

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posted on Apr, 2 2012 @ 11:43 AM
It is a little confusing reading negative slanted information regarding the revolution in Pravda.

The world is all mixed up.

posted on Apr, 2 2012 @ 11:56 AM
link many threads talking about soros rulling the mildly liberal billionaire and the right sees the next coming of satan. can any one of you right-wingers talk about all the conservative billionaires that are already screwing the general public..
koch bros come to mind...yeah, right, problem with them, right?

posted on Apr, 4 2012 @ 06:46 PM
reply to post by jimmyx

Pravda... conservative?

Pravda is the old official newspaper for the communist party in USSR.


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