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Question/ Suggestion about Para Gliding

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posted on Mar, 31 2012 @ 05:53 AM
In coming few months I'm going for a vacation to a hilly area and my girlfriend wants me to try Para gliding and bungee jumping. I'm afraid of heights so I've refused completely about the bungee jumping but I'm no sure about para gliding. Last month on my vacation to Goa, for the first time I did parachute gliding/ para sailing (parachute tied at the end of speedboat in middle of sea) and to be honest it was scary and exciting at same time. But para gliding is completely different ball game. There is no safety net if something goes wrong up there and I' not sure but you have to control the para glide on your own or does someone comes with you to help?. What do you guy's think should I go ahead with para gliding? Do you have any experience to share and what precautions should I take? Any suggestions regarding the same will be helpful too. I'm including two pictures to avoid confusion:

Here is the picture (from google) of para sailing what I did in Goa (Notice that a rope is tied too speedboat just incase of any accident they can quickly pull you):

Here is the picture of para gliding that I'm planning to do:

posted on Mar, 31 2012 @ 08:14 AM
IF you thought paraSAILING (towed behind a boat) was scary then I'd advise you not to try the paraGLIDING.

As a parasail boat captain, our record was an 82 yr old woman and her 3 yr old great grandson going up together. THEY weren't afraid, so apparently have more courage than you.

ParaSAILING is so tame it is BORING. If it scared you, you are scared of your own shadow.

posted on Mar, 31 2012 @ 09:34 AM
I have dived to 150 feet. I raced sports cars for 10 years. I have sailed the length of the Caribbean I flew a 100 hp airplane around the circumference of the US. The most scared I have ever been was skydiving -- old school not with a partner pull your own cord skydiving, I don't like heights either. One of the most confidence creating moments I ever had was when I realized that I could face that kind of gut wrenching fear - put it in a box and accomplish the task.. The second time I jumped I broke my leg, that was a nother story.

I still can't bring my self to bungee jump but I blame that on being old - yeah that's the ticket I'm old.

You do need to challenge yourself it fulfills your existence

posted on Mar, 31 2012 @ 10:36 AM
reply to post by spyder550

Thanks for the words, I hope I can go ahead and do this even though I'm scared of heights like hell..I will give it my best shot.

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