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Modern Aliens: The Empire State Building Man or Aliens???

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posted on Mar, 30 2012 @ 03:40 PM
The Empire State Building is located in Manhattan New York. While many theories exist as to what its original function was going to be nobody can actually prove that. As well as nobody can prove that aliens did not build it. There are too many problems with the idea that man built it at all or that man was involved in any way. From the precision engineering to logistical problems it is just not possible that it was built by man. Many modern scholars think that just because the empire state building was built in New York at the time it was inhabited by the citizens of New York city that it MUST have been built by the people of New York. This is not only flawed logic it is flat out wrong. Not to mention that scientists all agree that this entire thing was put together in 410 days.

The Precision

The precision of the empire state building cannot be matched by today's top engineers. I recently went to a homeless shelter and hired a team of 5 engineers to duplicate the construction methods at 1/100th scale. They could not even get the foundation down
Eng 1- Passed out drunk while i was explaining to him what we were doing for the 100th time
Eng 2- Claimed that he was Jesus and was not even able to lift an I beam and instead fell asleep
Eng 3- Eng three had the most experience and according to the resume he gave me Eng 3 actually oversaw the construction of the great pyramid. He did not even attempt to duplicate the empire state building and left to contact the CIA to get more help.
Eng 4- Left to get a drink at the liquor store and was never seen again.
Eng 5- Called the police and insisted that I kidnapped them.
So even a team of highly trained and experienced engineers could not duplicate ANY part of the construction.
The Empire State building stands at almost exactly at 1,454 ft, there is not another building in the world that comes close to matching the preciseness of this. From the top of the tower which is a point to the base you will see that it forms a perfect isosceles triangle

The Building is also exactly 102 floors no 1/2 or incomplete floors like we see regularly with buildings made by humans. If you also notice the tower at the top was seemingly placed there for no reason known to modern scientists. I recently asked the head scientist at our local elementary school if he knew or had any theories as to why this unexplained tower (which is nearly exactly 203 feet) was made. He was not as nice as the engineers and thought that me even questioning the idea that man built the Empire State Building was some sort of hostile attack. He became quite enraged, demanded that i leave and the he called the police because me and my team of engineers "scaring the children".

The Logistics Do Not Work

In order for the Empire State building to be completed a team of 50 men would have had to of produced 3 feet of building a day working around the clock. They would have had to lay 901 feet of pipes a day and 6100 feet of electrical wire a day. The electrical wire is very odd as they did not have computers in 1931, so why so many cat 5 cables?
It is also a scientific fact that cars do not work around the empire state building. This is proof of alien technology
The lighting rod was also placed at the top but we can find no record of who put it there.
So if man made it they would have had to get building materials to the top without a car, and nobody has been able to demonstrate to me how to get a glass window up 100 stories on a horse without breaking it. The nearest cement factory is over 100 miles away in Jamesville. One of my engineers said it was possible that you could put some cement in a barrel and have another person dance in the barrel to stop it from drying so that people could walk the cement to and from the quarry. But once again in practice they could not do it. In 1931 they did not have the internet so without craigslist there was no conceivable way to get cheap labor to build the building. Based on my experiments the only way they could have gotten workers was by shouting which is not very effective.
If you read this and think that aliens did not build the empire state building something is wrong with you.

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posted on Mar, 30 2012 @ 03:50 PM
reply to post by DavidWillts

You should see our local library. It was built almost 100 years ago yet there are computers in it. Explain that!

Great thread, by the way.

posted on Mar, 30 2012 @ 04:02 PM

Originally posted by cuervo
reply to post by DavidWillts

You should see our local library. It was built almost 100 years ago yet there are computers in it. Explain that!

I know! And in school we were supposed to believe that Native Americans who many never invented written language or the wheel somehow built all the stuff modern science can't explain.

I forgot to add the height of the Empire State Building is 1250, which is a obvious reference to the 1250 code page by Microsoft.
How would anyone in 1930 know about a Microsoft code page?
Also, if you look at the building and the night sky you will see that the orientation of Empire State building matches up perfectly with Polaris.

Why would "just and office building" need to be so precisely constructed to match Polaris?

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