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Did National Geographic Have Prior Knowledge of the Massive 2011 Japan Quake?

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posted on Mar, 29 2012 @ 11:30 PM
I am writing this thread to see if there is anyone out there who finds the articles of the April, 2006 edition of National Geographic Magazine to be very odd and possibly foreshadowing the nuclear disaster, following the devastating earthquake that rocked Tokyo, Japan - resulting in an incredibly catastrophic tsunami that gave us the deadly crisis at the Fukishima Nuclear Power facility.

I had recently purchased a car from someone who had pawned their title and were at risk of losing the car to repossession by the title loan company. Got a good deal ,paid off his loan and gave him a couple hundred $ American for a 2002 Pontiac Grand-Am GT-1 (total price was$550) - Yes, that's more info than required, but I will probably never get such a great deal on something again, so I am telling the world!

Back on topic... I went to the title loan company to sign some papers, etc. While waiting for the lady to get the papers in order, I wandered around the store, which doubles as a pawn & loan business. Not a typical pawn shop you might encounter, because this lady sold some odd items, much of it resembled garage sell quality items. Movies, antiques, furniture, etc

I came to a table that had several novels and paperback books, as well as magazines. I have always like Nat Geo every since I was a younger boy at the Dr.s office, seeing what was a sort of porn to my innocent eyes!

After the childhood memories came back, I decided to grab a few to look at while waiting. I looked at the covers of each of them and found one in particular that I wanted to start with.

This particular edition of Nat Geo Mag. has the picture of an earthquake devastated city street. This particular edition was interesting to me, because the Tokyo earthquake had literally just happened maybe 30-45 days prior.

I never even thought to take a double look at the magazine to check the date, I just assumed that it was a story covering the terrible Japan quake. I sat to read the magazine, but before I could the lady was ready for me to sign the papers. I noticed she was only asking $.25 for each of them, so I paid the $1 and took them home.

As with many things, I became busy with work, chores, and just life in general. Several weeks had passed when I found myself sitting on the throne and looking at the magazine rack for something to brush up on while performing my daily maintenance.

I picked up the Nat Geo Mag and started to learn some things I didn't know about the recent Japan quake. I still had not realized the date of the magazine and had no apparent reason to think otherwise, since the article's previewed read as follows:

'Inside Chernobyl' 'Nuclear Comeback' 'Glen Canyon Revealed' 'The New Venezuela'
p.32 p.54 p.64 p.82

The magazine's contents seem to run parallel with several of the main issues involved in Japan and Fukishima. It wasn't until I opened the magazine and began reading that I discovered the magazine had nothing to do directly with Tokyo. Instead it was covering the horrific San Francisco quake of 1906 that has remained the worst on record for the U.S.A

I was puzzled for a moment when I found the magazine was published several years before the Tokyo EQ. I couldn't understand how the writers and publishers could put together an issue that would cover the exact problems that would arise during the Japan earthquake and it's aftermath.

They had no knowledge what-so-ever that these things would be tied together so closely, following the massive EQ, or did they?

I know it is a great stretch to speculate on this, considering the credibility Nat Geo name alone carries. Could Nat Geo be close to the center of a conspiracy that could possibly include Japan as a victim of
a targeted quake, induced by super secret, natural disaster inducing technology?

I am definitely curious about this and hope you guys and girls out there can help with studying the Nat Geo April 2006 issue. The more people who are willing to take a peak into the magazine the bigger chance we
have to expose a monumental conspiracy or prove it is nothing more the coincidence.

I am going to insert a few small excerpts relative to each article, so you can have a better idea of what Nat Geo was addressing in each separate report:

- 'The Next Big One':

Full Article Here

- 'Inside Chernobyl':

Full Article Here

Twenty years after a nuclear reactor exploded, blanketing thousands of square miles with radiation, the catastrophe isn't over....
Twenty years ago, operators committed a fatal series of errors in the control room of REACTOR #4. The explosion that followed still blights land and lives...
The fallout, 400 times more radioactivity that was released at Hiroshima, drove a third of a million people from their homes and triggered an epidemic of thyroid cancer in children...
Over the years, the economic losses have mounted into the hundreds of billions of dollars...
As evidence of government bungling and secrecy emerged in it's wake... Chernobyl (now known as Chornobyl) even sped the breaking of the Soviet Union.

- 'Nuclear Comeback':
Full Article Here

A picture of a of a nuclear power stations towers dominate the background of a boy push mowing yard and includes the caption - 'Calvin Nolt, at left, gets more harmful radiation from a day in
the sun than a year near the Three Mile Island Generating Station...

Could the 'Nuclear Comeback' story be an attempt to make everyone feel more safe with the Nuclear power plants?
Is it possible they know the potential for disaster a nuclear power plant has and are trying to brainwash us?

What does ATS think about this?

posted on Mar, 30 2012 @ 11:07 AM
Thank you to the members who took the time to read my thread and give a star or flag, or both. I do appreciate the recognition.

Hopefully some of you have yet to respond because you are actually taking a longer look at the April 2006 edition of the National Geographic Magazine. I have also been searching for links, or maybe similar stories, that could have been a bit foreshadowing to the Japan EQ/Fukishima Nuclear disaster or that could discount the notion as mere coincidence.

Stumbling upon this magazine by accident and the fact I don't know which other companies have direct association with Nat Geo have left me a bit lost of where to look next - and maybe just as important when, in the past, to look for connections.

I headed out this morning to take care of a few errands and on the way home I began to think about this thread, particularly the part where I speculated that one of the articles linked in my original post could be an attempt to convince the general public that Nuclear Power is safe, efficient, and the power source of our future.

If this edition is somehow linked to the Japan EQ / Fukishima Nuclear disaster, then it would not make any sense for them to try and convince us how safe the nuclear plants of the future can be. This disaster showed, if anything, that we have a major weakness in our construction, placement, and maintenance of nuclear facilities around the globe.

Still assuming that there is a link between the Nat Geo April 2006 edition contents and the Japan EQ, I wondered more if there is a format in place that uses various media outlets to begin conditioning different demographics into new agendas, built by the world's elite houses.

Could it be that they followed through with their plan and use of disaster causing technology?

Maybe the early stages of their plan, including information included in various outlets - such as National Geographic, were to convince us how safe nuclear power plants are and they should be pushed harder as a major electricity supplier for the future.

Could this early conditioning process be a tool to make us believe in the safety of these stations, with the goal being to make us see how horribly wrong we can be?

After conditioning people to put more and more of their confidence into the 'safe nuclear' idea, the next part of the plan could be moved into place.

This part of the plan would be an event that could horrify millions across the globe, it could decimate the blind confidence they were led to place in 'safe nuclear'.

By building the confidence of each person and each group of people, then crushing this blind, misguided-guided confidence could be a way to make mass populations of people across the globe unsure of their own ability to determine what is safe for themselves and their families.

This could also lead to mass populations being very submissive and giving much more control to those in positions of power, leading to control over the people on a level the elite have possibly never seen before. Lacking their confidence, people would be much less likely to question and oppose items brought forth by the ruling class, allowing the world's elite to enact things that they have never previously been able to.

Now, I am not saying that the Japan EQ and the possible connection to mass media would be the sole event that breaks confidence so thoroughly that people no longer oppose or question things that would be terrible for our current society. If true, it could easily be a key part of a larger plan to gain secular control and initiate a governing system that could leave little, if any, control to the average citizen.

I know I am reaching far to connect dots, considering there is no solid proof that any of this is true. Personally, I like to play around with these ideas and see if they lead anywhere. Speculation can be interesting and can light a path to truth never considered at the start of the search. Solid proof found linking Nat Geo with the Japan EQ / Fukishima Nuclear disaster may be impossible to find, but I think it is worth a shot.

Hope you ATS'ers can add ideas and information you may have or you may uncover after reading this thread.

Thanks Again for your time.


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