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ATS this is where i am and what you should know.....

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posted on Mar, 29 2012 @ 02:57 PM
Hello ats members we are moving towards a situation which is similar to the end of an upturned triangle shaped container draining water. We are the water and the elments and minerals in the water as it empties we are all becoming closer together experiencing the confinement of space to move but in the meanwhile noticing the individuial problems that place themselves infront of us ,

to be commenting on this on this forum/website usually needs the utmost of grammer and spelling but why ? just read and understand .( Educated ? no not me.. my story well didnt listnen in school no education not even a gcse left school joined the army got partially brainwashed but never felt it was me even though i liked parts of it probally down to our tribal nature hey! im a human sheep person ha ha !ok so ive been there and got drunk fought in the back streets like a stray dog many a night , but now im older ive listened to david icke , alex jones and all the rest of them lot for a few years, ive become civilised its opened my eyes , awakened as they say! ive become de-brainwashed im not totally there yet i never will be but for my part iv'e discovered humanity iv'e took it by the hand with both of mine , the prophets of the past which where drilled into my physice as a youngster at catholic school (saints ,wise men , kings blessed with knowledge, messiahs,messengers, bad asses) are here now my friends! and will be here again but for now listnen to the top names take all these individual colours and paint the best picture you can (de-info or not)as many are blessed with knowledge relayed to them from beyond there heads must be spliting as the need to spread the truth is greater now than ever good is unevidently combating evil through this awakening process ,soon all mankind will possess the knowledge you know and soon all newborn will be born instinctivley with this , this time we dispair now will be beyond us one way or the other , it is not a case of the frog being slowly boiled anymore the frog has learned to be wary of the warm water and wants to instictivley escaped it .
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posted on Mar, 29 2012 @ 03:03 PM
reply to post by thenthinkagain

Good on ya. All I ask is please, in the future break up the wall of text into chunks. It isnt a big wall, but you know...

So did you see what Alex and David talk about first hand? You got a story about the army experimenting with/on you or using you up and throwing you away?

I'll guess you are a good soul, otherwise you would've shot up the ranks! And would still be in there, feeling as if you are part of the winning team

posted on Mar, 31 2012 @ 03:53 PM
Glad to see you are awake my friend. Just keep your common sense about you and keep your head low. We are all animals each and everyone of us, being humans and having the brain is what makes us at the top of the food chain. It makes us different. But there are those out there that are just like animals with no morals, ethics, or concious for that matter that will do anything that benefits themselves those are the animals. Im sure you know that by now if you listen to Alex.

Be a sheepdog my friend not just another sheep in the flock. Awaken others as you have been awakened and open their eyes as yours was opened.

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