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schools use immigrant children to boost league table performances

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posted on Mar, 24 2012 @ 08:06 PM

Schools are ‘clocking up’ easy exam passes to boost league table standings by encouraging the children of Polish immigrants to sit GCSEs in the language, it is claimed.

‘Polish is a difficult language and it is obviously Poles that are sitting it. For them, it’s a free GCSE,’ he added. ‘If you’re a headmaster you’ve got league tables to think about.’

Currently there are 619,000 Polish citizens living, working and studying in the UK.

Hi all
i was just off to bed, then seen this.
we all know how schools manipulate the results
they have to, to secure next years funding. in some regions if the allocated expenditure is not spent
then the council reduces grants
cant blame own eyes..overun in the midlands no bull..
i will do a recording soon, show you a part of the midlands
and you would think you were in a different country
sorry ranting
goodnight all
dont forget clocks forward 1 hour

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