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Proto-Punk Music was born in Peru

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posted on Mar, 24 2012 @ 05:21 PM
Yeah, I know you never heard of it.

In 1964 was a a band in Peru called "Los Saicos".

The band was formed in Lince, Lima in 1964 by four amateur musicians just out of high school. Contrary to some myths, they were not aware of US garage rock or of the wilder British bands like the Downliners Sect

With that said, let's listem them :

45 years later, they came back

In 2000 a European record label -Electro Harmonix-published an album called "Wild Teen Punk from Peru 1965" by a peruvian rock band of the 60's called "Saicos" the songs were took from the original vinyl singles and promote them like the primigenic sound of Punk developed in the early 60's by a peruvian rock band...


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