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Fear of the Unknown and the Media

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posted on Mar, 23 2012 @ 06:20 PM
So what is the purpose of mainstream media? I would propose that it believes it's main purpose it to support the status quo and keep people calm. Thousands of birds die at the same time and "the media" tells us that it could be because of fireworks, of course they ignore the fact that only one type of bird species died. In Canada and Wisconsin strange noises are heard and the ground shakes; but, no earthquake is detected that is capable of explaining the shaking. Thousands and thousands of fish die at the same time and pollution is said to be the culprit; but, no pollution is identified or found in the water and again only one type of fish dies. Disease is considered a possibility; but, they all died at the exact same time and diseases don't do that.

There was a man named Charles Fort, he spent 30 years reading newspapers and collecting stories that seemed odd. He wrote books about how people found a need to come up with explanations in the media that did not stand up to logic and he demonstrated how "the experts" would accept and repeat these explanations with no proof. People accept these answers because they want to believe that we have a clear understanding of the world; however, we do not. We cannot even explain gravity so we accept the idea of alternate universes with no evidence and no ability to verify it. That approach is not scientific as it cannot be duplicated.

One of the things that Mr. Fort pointed out was that on various occasions fish and other animals would fall from the sky. This has been documented many times and predates planes. The most common answer he would read was that the fish were possibly taken up in a tornado and deposited hundreds of miles away; but, this has yet to be witnessed or recorded and we still have tornadoes and it also would not explain why it is always only one type of fish or animal. So, why do we accept these answers with no evidence and why does the media give us snap answers with no evidence? My answer is because we demand answers and won't trust a media that tells the truth and says "we don't know".

After the recent Wisconsin booms and rumbles geophysicist Paul Caruso said, "To be honest, I'm skeptical that there'd be a sound report associated with such a small earthquake, but it's possible," he said." The answer that is now in the media is that a 1.5 earthquake (so small you wouldn't even feel it) caused the sounds and most news sources have ignored what Mr. Caruso did say, he didn't say it was the cause he said anything is possible, there is a big difference and Mr. Caruso provided no evidence nor did anyone bother pointing out that the sounds did not occur at the same time as the mini-quake.

Mere speculation by someone is not an answer and it certainly is not proof. When I was young we were told that sailors of long ago that claimed to have seen giant squids had either made up the stories or were superstitious, now we have filmed giant squid underwater. When I was young we were told that there was no reason to believe that life existed on other planets, now we are told it is almost a certainty. Still after thousands of years we don't really know how the pyramids were built. There are lots of things that we don't have answers to.

I was in a van with a group of people early in the morning and we saw a green fireball fly across the sky. A lady in the van said "that is not a UFO", nobody had said it was. Her fear of the unknown made her deny a possible reason for what we witnessed. The incident made the news as it was seen by thousands of people; but, no clear explanation was given. The news stated that maybe it was a meteorite; but, this thing was bigger than that. I have no idea what it was; but, what was interesting was the ladies rush to deny what she feared it might be.

The media is not here to prove the truth or provide the truth, they are here to support the status quo and provide simple answers for people so that they do not get anxious. The greatest example of this is the stock market. The market goes up or the market goes down and the media tells you it is because of job numbers or whatever; but, no survey is done to ask people why they sold or bought, it is mere speculation and comes as the stock market changes not after it has been investigated. What if the big players cause the market to go up or down because they can and it makes them money, that is never mentioned as a possible reason; but, it occurs. Maybe I should have put this in the rant section. Peace.

posted on Mar, 23 2012 @ 06:32 PM
William cooper gave me the greatest explanation of the media. It is a medium for the owner to put forth his/her agenda.

Heck the media doesn't even have to tell the truth. That's why you have people bash certain news networks because someone in another states its fake or what not.

Also if they did tell the truth, there would be no spin. No left vs right, just facts and that can get boring.
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posted on Mar, 23 2012 @ 07:29 PM
reply to post by calnorak

just facts and that can get boring.

It is more dangerous than boring. The reason why the US pulled out of Vietnam was because the media got to report on it. When the public sees the effects of napalm, bombing and raids a big WTF was raised in the public debate. Now with 'embedded' journalists that are censored and sanctioned, the only time dead and injured children are shown is when it was by enemy action.

By pumping out opinion there is always doubt so grid lock sets in with near endless arguments, while the true facts remain locked up in corporate interest and so called national security. There is a lot of power in the media to steer and direct public debate and action. Project Mockingbird is one of the key steps to harness this power towards military objectives.


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