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Man rakes in $15,000,000 in winnings from three different casinos - All without card-counting

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posted on Mar, 22 2012 @ 11:03 PM

Now that's the face of a cat that's got the canary, don't you think?

This gentleman was able to take large casinos for large amounts of money perfectly fairly, without resorting to cheating or card-counting. Since "the house always wins," how did he do it? Turns out by a constant (one might say relentless) application of mathematical strategies and a deep knoweledge of both blackjack and the casino industry. Hit by recent economic woes, casinos are eager to attract big-spending "whales" like Mr. Johnson, who bet in the five and even six figure range on single hands. By cutting deals about the way cards are shuffled and other "minor" concessions he was able to wrangle as a big spender, he artfully whittled down the house advantage until the point at which he reached a statistical likelihood of winning, provided he stuck to his own rigid tactics. An interesting read.

Johnson plays a long game, so the ups and downs of individual hands, even big swings like this one, don’t matter that much to him. He is a veteran player. Little interferes with his concentration. He doesn’t get rattled. With him, it’s all about the math, and he knows it cold. Whenever the racily clad cocktail waitress wandered in with a fresh whiskey and Diet Coke, he took it from the tray.

The house’s hand showed an upturned five. Arrayed on the table before him were the four eights. He was allowed to double down—to double his bet—on any hand, so when he was dealt a three on the first of his hands, he doubled his bet on that one, to $200,000. When his second hand was dealt a two, he doubled down on that, too. When he was dealt a three and a two on the next two hands, he says, he doubled down on those, for a total wager of $800,000....

...But the story was even bigger than that. Johnson’s assault on the Tropicana was merely the latest in a series of blitzes he’d made on Atlantic City’s gambling establishments. In the four previous months, he’d taken $5 million from the Borgata casino and another $4 million from Caesars. Caesars had cut him off, he says, and then effectively banned him from its casinos worldwide.

Fifteen million dollars in winnings from three different casinos? Nobody gets that lucky. How did he do it?

More at source:
The Atlantic

posted on Mar, 22 2012 @ 11:50 PM
reply to post by silent thunder

because you dont hear about the 1.5 million people who lost $100 each - the cassinos still "won "

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