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Possible Explanation For Strange Noises - Is the Earth Changing Shape?

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posted on Mar, 22 2012 @ 06:36 PM
Hi Everyone,

Just throwing this out there to spark dialogue, I am by no means an expert but I just had this thought and wanted to share.

Do you think it's possible that the solar activity is having an influence on the earth's magnetic field to the extent that the earth is shaking and rumbling on the inside?

I did some research into the idea behind the earth contracting or shrinking and while it seems most scientist believe this not to be true, what seems to be true is that the earth does change shape and has for some time now. The reason may be due to changes in the Earth's magnetic field.

I found this article on Physics World to be interesting -

Especially this:

Another possible cause is a sudden change in the Earth's magnetic field, which would affect the flow of the Earth’s liquid outer core. Such an event was observed in 1999, and Cox and Chao speculate that changes in this layer preceding the flip could have triggered the rise in oblateness.

These noises seem to be increasing as we approach the solar maximum and as it affects the earths magnetic field the earth groans and moans, almost as if it is going through "growing pains".

Hugh Owen wrote in The New Scientist in 1984 about how the interior of the Earth maybe affecting the exterior.

Established theory says that the Earth's interior is stable, an inner core of nickel iron surrounded by an outer layer that behaves like a fluid. Perhaps we are completely wrong and the inner core is in some state nobody has yet imagined, a state that is undergoing a transition from a high-density state to a lower density state, and pushing out the crust, the skin of the Earth, as it expands."

This article in Science Daily states that the Earth is NOT contracting but adds that the earth does change shape and that not much is known about how to accurately detect whether the Earth is shrinking or expanding. I quote:

Our study provides an independent confirmation that the solid Earth is not getting larger at present, within current measurement uncertainties," said Wu.

I think the line "within current measurement uncertainties" might say a lot.

In the same article, they reference the International Terrestrial Reference Frame, as the means by which scientist use to measure the size of the earth. I checked their website and this is the first line -

The Earth is constantly changing shape.

You can check the site here -

So in a nutshell, most agree the earth is not expanding or shrinking but do agree that the earth does change shape and one of the factors that can facilitate that is the earths magnetic field. if this recent solar activity is affecting the field then possibly the earth's shape is changing causes movement in the core and causes the noises people are hearing.

Just throwing this out there, wondering what you guys think....

posted on Mar, 22 2012 @ 07:17 PM
Interesting... I'm going to read the links and come back with a better opinion.

Thanks for sharing!!

posted on Mar, 22 2012 @ 07:31 PM
Well, i feel a little better now, i have been postulating this expanding earth theory for some time....
the mechanism is up for grabs.....(particles passing through earth, from space, creating matter as they collide with earth particles....)
or maybe just internal heat from increased friction, causing expansion of the core and crust....
We have entered an area of local space where there is a huge plasma energy cloud.....
earth and the whole solar system are passing through it now...(and maybe for millenia to come....)
So whats to say some very small events on the sub atomic level, are not causing bigger events to happen because of altered physics of the situaation......
Shoot me for a cripple , but ive been thinking of gravitic anomalies too....perhaps, as some other thunker pointed out, there is DARK matter involved as well,
How would we detect an area of space in which dark matter may be" thicker"
than another area?
And thus create gravitic anomalies of some kind that are affecting the earths mass....
There are measurements to show the earths magnetic field is weakeneing.....
Is gravity and magnetism related in such a way as to alter the earths size???
Ie it expands with a loss of gravity or with the stronger pull of some gravitic duisturbance.....
We do know the earths gravity doesnt place an equal pull all over the globe, but varies from place to place depending on the crustal thickness.
What if the eaarths core heated up a fraction which causes more liquifaction?
The crust may slip slightly to the strain of rotation while floating on the liquid boundary between core and mantle??
The recent earth quakes may have disturbed the earths rotation enough to preturb the whole damn shindig....??

posted on Mar, 23 2012 @ 12:16 PM
reply to post by stirling

Thanks for your input, very interesting stuff indeed!

Anybody else interested in giving a guess?


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