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New Dual "TERROR" Blasts Ring in ~1 YEAR of Bloodshed & Massacre in Damascus SYRIA

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posted on Mar, 18 2012 @ 04:55 AM

two vans full of explosives burst in front of headquarters building security forces. there are over a hundred injured.

what's really going on beyond the latest "terror" suicide attacks, though?

what are USA, CIA, NATO up to in Syria and is it working?

in which direction, though??
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posted on Mar, 18 2012 @ 05:20 AM
Zionists are doing their best these days.

So , do we.

Arab spring was a big alert.

The whole middle east (the heat land) is out of Zionists hands and it is coming back to Muslims.


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posted on Mar, 19 2012 @ 04:43 PM
Everything going on within Syria is and has the seal of the West, the exact same thing happened in Egypt, the exact same thing happened in Libya and exactly the same thing happened in Tunisia and exactly the same thing happened in Afghanistan and exactly the same thing happened in Iraq.

These threads bore me to death, this style of psyops bores me to death, people who take the time to listen to these psyops news feeds bore me to death. Haven't you all come to a conclusion yet ? , Or are you seriously that mentally retarded that you are unable to recall what you had for breakfast last week ! . If you are unable to recall what you had for breakfast last week then you just realized that you belong amongst the many who have zero ability to comprehend reality. Hey i am not calling you stupid, but what i am calling you is a digit. Digit's like you, yes you and her, who will come later on and read the thread and post how bad or how good or how unjust everything is or how this stinks of cia or the connection of the masons or illuminati or what ever else one can and wants to think is boring.

The fact is, your helpless, your ideology, your interaction within a web site has zero impact on what is happening across the world. Perhaps you all should search for a thread in the Entertainment section of this digital brain called ats and locate a thread there, oh, and yes when you find it, its everything but entertainment. You may ask, why is that thread in there, well that is because i view it as entertainment as i view threads like these regarding the obvious massacre of humans and their inability to come to terms with reality as entertainment.

These citizens of Syria and all the previous nations mentioned did not wake up one morning and think " oh hey, lets bring down the government cause im kinda bored of my life here " Oh yes and to the other digits out there, ya think the left over weapons from Libya can double time here cause were kinda low on morale.

We are bored, and want entertainment..!

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