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The Other children, of Captain Grant.

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posted on Mar, 10 2012 @ 01:36 PM
you must go at once.
There is no time to plan, we cannot cross the river, it is a mile wide, and there are clearly what appears to be, rapids. No, I say we should do what the gang leader suggested, before he shot me, and we must send someone 200 miles in the other direction, with our only horse.
Since you have a broken leg it makes sense that you should not be the one to go.
Your protests will do you no good, oh very well we shall draw lots, well it appears you have won. So you must take all the guns and ammunition and food, that we have, and ride in the direction of the bandits, being careful to stay on the main road.
The rest of us shall wait here in the mud.

The women will stay in the wagon, which we could not make into a raft, because it has women in it.
We will take turns at watch, and act to draw the fire away from the wagon, at the first sign of danger. For that is our duty.

When you reach the village, send a cable to Sidney, have them sail round to this part of the coast, and have them rescue us on this side of the river. They will use trees like these on the other side to make a raft and float across and rescue us.

Ahh choO!

Here you better take my ahhh chooO! jacket since it is pouring down with rain. I will take first watch.

With providence you will be there, damn this shoulder of mine, in a fortnight, you must go at once.

Whats that? Whats that you say? The horse just died? Just dropped dead like the others?

Well that settles it then, you must swim across.

Once you get to the other side, it is a mere 40 miles of desert, to the coast. Take the geographer with you.


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