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Truth in a Spray Can......

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posted on Mar, 9 2012 @ 10:04 AM
While watching an SAS Australian regiment documentary on operations in Afghanistan, a lightbulb moment occurred.....
There are compounds which are already in use in law enforcement, which react to the residue of explosive propellants.....
Why cant the Army issue these same or similar chemical spray cans to the troops?
At least at platoon level......
The separation of enemy combatents and civilians in a strange country, is probably THE most important task that we ask our soldiers to complete.
This task has cost inumerable casualties and grief to our forces, who have both shot innocents accidentally, and allowed Taliban, leaders etc to walk free at times....
On taking control of a compound, or examining the stories of detanies, a simple sraycan full of this gunpowwder sensing chemical, could be the answer to a maidens prayer......
I am tempted to write the goverment about this idea, but wanted to put it to the community....
Is this a possibility?could it be issued in time to sabve lives and help win this sick war?
Anything we can do to bring more of our people home in one piece, is not too much to ask is it....
Really........anyone with chemical expertise is needed to follow this up and contribute to the idea or even just find your own way into the chain of command to get the message through, and the product, whatever it may be, into the hands of the troopies who are at this time at a loss to tell friend from foe.....
If you are still not following, there are already, forensic chemicals used in law enforcement,(we see every night on the crime shows)that when sprayed on cloth,skin, or any surface, will turn violet or blue or whatever colour....when they come into contact with gunpowder or other traces of explosives.......(could easily be viewed with night vision or ultra show reaction....)
Equip the troops with this stuff, and they can figure out who is the enemy better and quicker and thus save lives...both taliban, and Allied...
It could be a game the Taliban can shoot at a force of Allies, and hide his weapon, then stroll freely down the street like just another peasant.
This is how we are losing the war....we cant figure out whos shooting half the time...
But no Taliban can wash the traces of residue off that quickly our boys couldnt detect the stain after spraying their shoulder and hands.....
Help me out here....
Can we do this?
If any group could its probably ATS.
I think its important.....

posted on Mar, 9 2012 @ 11:36 AM
reply to post by stirling

The US Soldiers use them as well. I used to call the aftermath of a firefight, IED or rocket/mortar attack, Iraq; CSI.

Cameras, Tape measures, Infrared lights, spray cans were always pretty much common. We would even retrieve the body parts of suicide bombers and their victims in the hopes of ID'ing them.

We once recovered the hand of a suicide bomber, put it in a box and covered it in ice, and I was told to deliver it to the Intel section. Since I have a twisted sense of humor, I walked in and told them that I was told to give them a hand.

A young LT looked up and asked, "With what Sergeant? We have things under control here."

"No Ma'am, I'm here to GIVE you a hand." and set the box on her desk.

Curious, she opened the box and freaked.

I'm a bad guy.

posted on Mar, 9 2012 @ 03:46 PM
Chill dude
Already in use, commonly known as x-spray
But there's a catch

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