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The ZamZam Well Miracle

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posted on Mar, 8 2012 @ 01:15 PM
So I am a member of a group called "Spreading the truth about Islam" on Facebook and I received this post:

Do u know the miracles of zamzam??

ZamZam water level is
around 10.6 feet below the
surface. It is the miracle of
Allah that when Zam Zam
was pumped continuously
for more than 24 hours with
a pumping rate of 8,000
liters per second, water level
dropped to almost 44 feet
below the surface,

the level immediately
elevated again to 13 feet
after 11 minutes.
8,000 liters per second
means that
8,000 x 60 = 480,000 liters
per minute
480,000 liters per minutes
that 480,000 x 60 = 28.8
Million liters per hour
And 28.8 Million liters per
means that 28,800,000 x 24
= 691.2 Million liters per day
So they pumped 690 Millions
liters of ZamZam in 24 hours,
but it was re-supplied in 11
minutes only.

There are 2 miracles here, the
first that ZamZam was re-
filled immediately, & the
second is that Allah Holds the
extra-ordinaril y powerful
Aquifer for not throwing
extra ZamZam out of the
well, otherwise the world
will SINK.

It is the translation
of the word ZamZam, which
means Stop !!!!!!!!!!!!
Stop !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! said by
Hajirah Alaih As Salaam.

Zimam is an Arabic word, it is
the rope / REIN attached to
bridle or noseband & it is
used / pulled to stop the
running animal.

Zamzam water ♥
has no colour or smell, but it
has a distinct taste.

Heres the Saudi geological survey page

Heres the Wiki

Now I cant find ANY source for the original post 'facts': all the other pages I find are cut/pastes of the Wiki entry which is noted as "citation needed"
Now I did some maths on the figures and here is what I got:

So heres the break down.

The Zamzam well was excavated by hand, and is about 30 m (98 ft) deep and 1.08 to 2.66 m (3 ft 7 in to 8 ft 9 in) in diameter.

So lets say its 3m wide.

3.23 m (10.6 ft) below surface to 12.72 m (41.7 ft) and then to 13.39 m (43.9 ft), after which the water level stopped receding

so the water level dropped 3.23 to 13.39 m = 10.16m

Now the volume of a cylinder is Pi x Radius^2 x depth

3.14 x(1.5)^2 x 10.16 = 3.14x2.25x10.16 = 71.7804 m^3

1000 litres per m^3 = 71780.4 litres

at 8000 litres /second the level would drop in

71780.4/8000 = 8.97255 seconds

Conclusion for the water level to drop from 3.23m to 13.39m would take 9seconds!!

The post states that at that depth the level stopped receding. So refil rate = extraction rate = 8000l/sec.


After the pumping stopped the level went from 13.39 to 3.9m = 9.49m in 11 mins

Volume of recovery
3.14x 2.25 x 9.49 = 67.04685m^3 = 67046.85 litres

Recovery time 11mins x 60 secs = 660secs

Actual recovery rate
67046.85/660 = 101.586 litres/second

Pretty far short of 8000l/sec in the original post.

The final damnation is that the SGS allows extraction of 500Million litres A YEAR NOT 690 Million PER DAY

The whole post is a completely unsubstantiated LIE

Any help/thoughts to further proove.debunk this
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posted on Mar, 8 2012 @ 05:13 PM

Any help/thoughts to further proove.debunk this

In May 2011, a BBC London investigation found that water marketed as having been taken from the Zamzam Well contained high levels of nitrate, potentially harmful bacteria, and arsenic at levels three times the legal limit in the UK.[7]

Allah has a sense of humor?

And conspiracy theorists won't be lapping it up anytime soon:

Fluoride 0.72 mg/L (2.6×10−8 lb/cu in)

posted on Mar, 9 2012 @ 01:25 AM
The key phrase in the BBC article is 'marketed as' because the water is double filtered and UV treated at source so any becterial content is removed. So the BBC tested sample wasnt from Zamzam but a scam. Zamzam is illegal to export from Saudi.

By the way I am not a Muslim (Im actually an European pagan)


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