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Have we been living in a post-apocalyptic scenario?

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posted on Mar, 6 2012 @ 08:56 PM
Apocalypse, "lifting of the veil"

Post-apocalypse, the end of civilization and after.

Note the change in the context of the continuum of time, and how mankind has responded to that in the past, now, and future.

Δcontext = response of mankind.

Now, the ages of time:

Pleistocene --> Holocene/Neolithic/Civilization

(2,588,000 to 11,700 years ago) --> (around 12,000 years ago to present)

And, the ages of us reflected by a few examples of modification of nature in correlation with the ages of time:

Olduvai stone technology (2.5 million years ago )/Acheulean stone technology (1.6 million years ago)/Fire creation and manipulation (1.5 Million years ago)/Clothing (possibly 170,000 years ago)/Ceramics (c. 25,000 BC)/Domestication of Animals (c. 15,000 BC)


Agriculture and Plough (c. 8000 BC)/Writing systems (c. 3500 BC)/Iron (c. 1500 BC)/Catapult (c. 400 BC)/Materials science and many more (now)

Did the "lifting of the veil" occur at the end of the Pleistocene?

What caused a "lifting of the veil" at the end of the Pleistocene?

Was that natural apocalypse the spark into our post-apocalypse of some 12,000 years?

Was the end of regional civilizations (such as Natufian culture) a beginning of many more ends to come?

And existentially, has the idea of apocalypse and after been with us, people of past and future?

Spiritually, has that idea constituted the nature of the relationship between people and the land they walked on for the past 12,000 years up to now?


And something for the future, how does this pan out for you?

How have you responded to the Δcontext in your past and right now?

How will you respond to the Δcontext in your future?
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