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safe zone against end times, madness!

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posted on Mar, 4 2012 @ 07:18 PM
hi all.

[the mystery of ATS robobots! why did i post this in 2012 forum and when i published it, it was moved here in short stories?! I am such a ats clumsy, that i have come close to never posting again, as stuff like this is the usual for me. did the moderator find this and move it even as i was writing?! an interesting story all right, but i wanted to post it where survivlaists might read it.]

safe zone madness. Remote view people talk of safe zones; places to move your family to before when the S hits the fan. or maybe to drive to, with your last tank of gas, the very moment you know It Is Coming, the "Killshot" or whatever.

I hear the rustle of maps and i see a light on in the living room, at a midnight suburban neighborhood, in a large city.
Closer Look shows about four men peering over maps.
they plan to find a safe area to evacuate to, when the S. hits the fan.
"there" one man says.
"agreeed, there It Is" they exclaim, about 3 AM in the morning, tipped over coffee cups and wadded paper all around.
"Pine Ridge, there in the Appalachians. only way in is over a 2000 foot mountain pass or two. there is a town of 300 in the valley and maybe 50 small farms: the Perfect Spot.

these men do not notice that other lights are on, here and there, up and down this street.....

One day as the local tv basketball game is about 20 minutes into the game, the screen fades to....the
White House Podium and Obama climbs up to face 40 microphones. there is talk about asteroid XZ762, and how now suddenly NASA has discovered it and this Thing is 34 miles wide and is going to direct-hit the earth in two days!
there now is a mad shuffle in this house. duffel bags and suitcases and a crying baby.
IN to the car and off!!
Pine Ridge valley!

they arrive near dusk. they wonder why the grass on the side of the mountain road, to the Pass, is SO worn!
"looks like 50 trucks have come through here recently, mining trucks"?!

they enter this town.
imagine this: there are 8,000 cars seen all around this town. there are maybe 5000 people gathered around the 3 businesses. there now are *MANY* sounds of crying babies and far far off into the distance.

the Sheriff stands in front of Creek general store, he has a bullhorn. from his vantage point he now can see at least another 2000 cars coming down the two pass roads! he tries to speak, telling everyone that the one gas station has run out of gas, the grocery store is exhausted, and the Killshot is not due to tomorrow, and that he now expects at least 50,000 more people to come to his valley!

talk about 400 people trying to get upon a ten foot lifeboat!!

yes, 80,000 lights were on, at 3 in the morning, all over the east coast and everyone in those living rooms were looking for *the* safe spot! guess what. pine ridge valley won hands down.

800 kids Need Bathroom *Now*!
I am hungry.
shoot those minority people if they come in!

the crowd surges forwards toward this sheriff.
popping sounds are then heard: "bang, bang"!
Does Not Look Good.

moral: if you gotta have that safe Place, choose very very carefully, make sure it is one that few other will also find out about.

I would suggest that one find this safe spot in your own heart, via Spirit is real. then accept going to the afterlife.
but there are maybe a few Spirit-designated survivors, but you know who you are and have made preparations for this years ago!

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posted on Mar, 4 2012 @ 07:20 PM

I replied to, instead of edit. i do this all the time here as the "edit button" is at the "wrong" position on the post, for my monitor!
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