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NWO Cabal on 'Tight Schedule' of Disaster Rituals thru December 21, 2012? A Quarterly Review

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posted on Mar, 4 2012 @ 01:57 AM
hmmm lets see so far theres the..

90 tornados yesteday that may have involved HAARP

'something' going on in New Madrid, there's the 1000s of livestock (most Lambs, and many cattle) being born only to die in seconds from a fishy virus in Europe

theres Walmart debut of unlabeled Monsanto Corn even though its been shown to induce organ failure

theres all the senior bankster resignations

what's next, huh?

seems like time flies and a busy year, already. apparently there are to be 13 ritual that leads to the August 12th, 2012 summer London Olympics closing ceremony

then 7 new ritual including a new grand blood sacrifice to the Queen by December 21?

wicked! especially the temporal displacement capability claim (wow).

posted on Mar, 4 2012 @ 02:04 AM
reply to post by BiggerPicture

And you know what...the sky was freaking blue yesterday...I mean HARP is really making things bad isn't before it was an off blue but they must be turning it up or something because todays blue was a little darker...and THE sun was out....whats next will Walmart sell yellow

Tornados have been around for a long time and yes outbreaks have occured before this one in 1979

How about this one from 1967

And from the 80's what is refered too as the most unusal ever....OMG

Just because you may not have been around when outbreaks occured does not mean the latest storms are the only ones that ever happened. Storms occur nothing out of the norm...bad yes but just nature at work. Walmart sells what there is to sell...and people resign...EVERYDAY.

There may be an agenda...but HARP does not create tornado's nor EQ's so please do a little reearch...maybe even go to HARP and take a tour...they have an open house every educate yourself

Here is a link about a outbreak in the month of April that spwaned over 359 tornados from a single line of storms

Again not out of the ordinary and not HARP so stop balming HARP for everything and attempting to make something out of nothing...we have enough things going on without blaming an agenda for natures wrath

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