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Germany sponsors program promoting trade with Iran

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posted on Mar, 1 2012 @ 02:42 AM
Even in the middle of all the hoopla, a German technical university is going ahead with plans with Iran for construction projects.

The controversies may be that U.N. and E.U. sanctions may be violated with this.

Naturally, some are worried about possible ties with Iran's nuke program.

Germany is Iran’s most important European trading partner, with bilateral commerce hovering around an annual 4 billion euros.

03/01/2012 04:47 -- JPost, Israel

BERLIN – A technical university in the German capital, which receives public funds from The Federal Ministry of Research and Education for joint projects with Iran, last week helped the Iranian Embassy promote trade between the two countries in the construction sector.

According to an invitation to the Iranian event, Berlin’s Technical University (TU) sent an email last Tuesday titled “Company Congress” to students and other potential parties.

Yousef Chappi, the head of Iran’s economic department at the embassy, wrote on the invitation that the purpose of the event is “to make German firms in the construction sector aware of the present potential with new technology and the basis for cooperation and the signing of joint contracts.”

Federal Ministry of Research and Education funds university program promoting trade in construction sector

Long Article by JPost.

There must be a conflict of interest somewhere !!

posted on Mar, 1 2012 @ 03:46 AM
Why should there be a conflict of interest here?

The TU has a long established cooperation with several iranian universities. This is science. The moment politics touches science projects, we have a problem.

There is no need for the isolation of Iran as long as its in peaceful projects. You should not tell anybody to leave Iran alone just because you are at near-war with them. There is no international binding treaty to isolate iran, just proposals and any nation not involved in those proposals is free to maintain every kind of contact they wish, as long as they think about the consequences (as in weapons trades etc.).

In other words: You have no right to attack an university for doing studies (especially in "aims at achieving substantial improvements in energy efficiency through a change from linear mass and energy flows to an interlinked urban system of urban form, technical infrastructure and object planning, accompanied by assessment and management actions.”) with another university, unregarded your wish to have those other universities isolated.

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