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My experience with XBOX live new update

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posted on Feb, 24 2012 @ 01:29 PM
So, everyone who owns a XBOX and has a gold membership knows there was an update yesterday, and you know you cant just not choose to have an update they basically force them on you.

I did the update all was well until i turned off my xbox. I then returned later to play the coveted SKRYIM but nope come to find my profile was missing. So in turn i log into my girlfriends profile to see what had happened. Next thing i know her profile gets corrupted.

So right away im freaking out, now i cant play any of my games, i cant go online because my profile was simply not there. All my downloaded games where there just not my GOLD MEMBERSHIP profile. AAAGGGHHH

I then called customer service only to be on the phone with them for the next 4 hours only to be told in the end, it was their fault. Mines was the 1st corrupted profile they had seen since the new update and it will take 18 days to fix on their end. Im just thinking what is going to be fixed and why is it going to take 18 freaking days. A weird number just to shoot out there.

Horrible horrible customer service. I had to ask to be refunded the 10.00 bucks it cost to play online for the 18 days i will not be able to use my xbox. I had to beg them to refund the stupid money a blew on the Netflix service i had payed for cause now i cant go online to watch netflix. This is my only sorce for television and it lame i know but geez im on vacation and now cant play any games really. cause xbox saves your user info on their site not on your actual hard drive......what a joke. why do they do that?

I cant play BF3 now cause why no profile cant go online and Dice instead of saving your weapon unlocks on your hard drive saves them on theirs. So if their system is down or if your profile gets deleted because of their stupid update, your ish outta luck!

Now my perfectly good xbox seems to run slow, what the heck just so mad right now. i want to go back 500 years ago when things that mattered actually mattered and this wouldnt be a problem.


posted on Feb, 24 2012 @ 01:38 PM
One of the sole reasons I refused to by an xbox360 was because of the subscription internet access. I feel your pain though. Im sure you weren't the first. They probably have numerous profile corruptions they have to deal with and don't want to admit the bigger issue.

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