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POLITICS: 58: 02/21/2012 Is the Race almost over and Religious War? and more …

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posted on Feb, 21 2012 @ 02:16 PM
The Politics online sister show of the AM radio parent show ATS LIVE with your co hosts..

Semperfortis and Silk ..With Baz, Jack, Luke, Greg and Laura in the studio

Join us on 02/21/2012 at 5pm EST, listen in and call us as this is all about you wonderful folks that are the backbone of ATS. We will tackle the issues in ways that the Main Stream Media never will..

Blunt... Unbiased.. Cut to the chase, honest discussion of the political issues and news shaping our world today, this ain't your local news.

Tonight's topics - The GOP race moves to its end game, Obama and Religion, Greece bailed out, the UK border agency splits and much much more


Remember that the most appreciated opinions are from the members of ATS.. so please, if you have an opinion that you would like to share.. give us a ring.. via skype.. and here's how..

Call-In Using Skype
1) Install Skype
2) Add ATS Live Studio to your Skype contact list.
3) Send us a text message via Skype, do not call directly.
4) Wait for your position in the queue.
5) Tell us what's on your mind!

CALL us.

UK Users can call into the show from landlines by ringing

0113 8150068

Calls will be charged at Local rates if you live in the Leeds area, or national rates from elsewhere dependent on your call package

Callers in the USA can call into the show from landlines by ringing

(954) 903-0748

Calls will be charged at Local rates if you live in the FT.Lauderdale area, or national rates from elsewhere dependant on your call package.

Please wait for us to ask for callers.

We can only take one call at a time and you'll be brought to air. Please be patient.


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posted on Feb, 21 2012 @ 03:41 PM
20 minutes to Show time!!!

Join us.. if you can

posted on Feb, 21 2012 @ 03:50 PM
Lots of exciting material for tonight

Come on and join us folks

posted on Feb, 21 2012 @ 05:16 PM
Tell em Ryan...I so agree with you on a lot of the issues brought up on show today. Why does the US think we control what every other country out there does? If Iran's wants nuclear power for peaceful purpose how is it the US right to tell them no. As well I agree on the birth control issue and the religion. Government needs to stay out of it. GO RYAN!

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