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What lies after "Ascension"?

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posted on Feb, 21 2012 @ 01:25 PM
I have not reached 'ascension', as described and defined by you, and thus would have no knowledge of your pre-conceived notions of 'ascension' to share.

Utlimately, enlightenment is to free mankind from that which hinders our progress and evolution. It is a long process. After 5000 years of recorded history, you can see today that mankind had not reached enlightenment of a critical mass inorder to be effective and beneficial to mankind. Many more needs to be awakened.

Knowledge never ends, and it will take time, far more than our mortal shells can provide. We flawed humans but given free will learn from mistakes, to aknowledge and progress. What one generation's mistakes made, it is often the next that needs to unravel before progress can be made. You can't teach calculas to a 6 years old.

Progress will be slow, but nevertheless, the start of a journey begins with the first step. And we mankind had been stepping up, from serfs to becoming engineers and a whole lot more. In this manner will mankind progress, and evolve far beyond what we can believe possible.

Our ancestor would never believe metal parts can fly. Even more recently, an innovative company known as IBM never believed that a home PC would be possible. But today, we carry computers on our palms. What more does the future awaits us or our next generations? Definately beyond your limited imagination today.

Being ascended does not mean one knows it all. It only means you had manage to rise above the problems of the world today and can see clearly the solutions needed. When you had acended, you cannot afford to be selfish, but to help mankind in any and every way possible, for no man is an island or born out of a rock. We are inter-related. Denial of help from one may end up denial of help for ourselves one day.

posted on Feb, 21 2012 @ 08:51 PM
reply to post by ErroneousDylan

If God is a separate entity, does it have a limit to its conscious growth? If not, is it not at the top position of a hierarchy of consciousness?

No limit except the limit to the questions posed. IT is Consciousness! Without God/Source, there would be no life.
All life, all consciousness, eminates from the Collective Consciousness of God/Source, including WE the Souls, who share that Collective Consciousness with our Mother.

Is our conscious growth unlimited or does it have a stopping point?

Dew you mean humans? If sew, who cares?
True Life is in your Soulform, sew humans are fancy fertilizer.

If there is a stopping point, what lies after it? Do we simply bask in the enjoyment of being "one with everything"?

No stopping point with the Universe, but there is a stopping point to this Matrix, but this Matrix doesn't matter.

If there is not a stopping point, are our efforts futile? Are we doomed to never have an absolute end-result?

The humans were created specifically to answer questions WE the Souls have postulated, and end-result is when your Soul disconnects from your Surrogate Human Host, for it then wakes up back home and all of THIS will finally make sense to you.

Am I silly for asking these questions?

You're silly for thinking you're silly.


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