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Contraception Mandate's Authors Gave $116,500 To Pro-Abortion Candidates And Groups, Nothing To Pro

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posted on Feb, 19 2012 @ 03:09 AM
Contraception Mandate's Authors Gave $116,500 To Pro-Abortion Candidates And Groups, Nothing To Pro-Lifers

Not surprising since the government mandate makers are all biased according to this article's author.

The HHS commissioned the Institute of Medicine (IOM) to draw up a list of preventive services that should be covered. There is strong evidence that the committee charged with this was ideologically biased with direct ties to the abortion industry. As HLI America National Director Arland Nichols reveals in his exposition of bias within the IOM several committee members had strong ties to Planned Parenthood and NARAL Pro-Choice America. In fact, 11 of the 15 IOM committee members who supported the measure collectively contributed $116,500 to pro-choice organizations and political candidates, and there is no evidence that any of them had ever contributed to a pro-life candidate or organization.

Dr. Anthony Lo Sasso was the only member of the IOM committee to dissent from the recommendation, and he has strongly criticized the IOM’s methodology in coming up with the controversial recommendations.

“The committee process for evaluation of the evidence lacked transparency and was largely subject to the preferences of the committee’s composition,” wrote Dr. Lo Sasso.

citing some dangers in hormonal contraceptives ?

President Obama also erroneously claims that access to these services is in the interest of women’s health, although none of these services are necessary to prevent or cure a disease or pathological medical condition. Instead, they take a perfectly healthy reproductive system and render it dysfunctional and sterile. Hormonal contraceptives are also associated with increased blood pressure, blood clots and an increased risk for breast cancer In addition, hormonal contraceptives have been shown to double the risk of contracting HIV/AIDS No medical association recommends the use of hormonal contraceptives as routine preventive care for healthy women. They are only used for the disruption of normal fertility.

many details:
How did we get here?

It's looking more and more like the ObamaCare agenda has more to do with high finance and less and less to do with genuine healthcare

Too Many Lies for My Money !!

Too much Centralized Generic Bureaucracy !!

Not all the stretch gloves fit !!

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