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So what do You think You need to do

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posted on Feb, 18 2012 @ 05:02 PM
I thought I might mix and match people with ideas other people thought they should do to try to help the situation the world's in.

I'm in kind of a unique mindset from several people in this forum,
being concerned about all the wrongs flying all over the place I was pretty distressed for quite some time.
I've gotten to where after reading enough about conspiracies and different people that speak about them, or speak about aliens, or aliens and conspiracies (William Cooper, David Icke, David Wilcock) and just thinking about it,
I believe the people and the channelings that say we'll be fine. (Daivd Icke says we'll awaken and not be in a prison planet, David Wilcock and here in a nutshell says things will be alright and that his sources tell him of let's call it galactic intervention, google most any Pleiadian / Galactic Federation channeler and they will talk about the illuminati and how things are working out for our good in the end, not to mention they speak about the destruction of the deep underground military bases and alternative news reports have surfaced about how the earthquake back last year in Virginia about August or so was the destruction of a deep underground military base - here: here: scroll down to or search for "Secret Illuminati Underground Cities Destroyed by Galactic Federation" and if you go here and search for around that date at some point you'll run across the same story I'm sure. Not to mention, in the "Special" column on the right a Montague Keen shows up talking about how Christianity was borrowed from Ancient Ireland, and if you listen to Michael Tsarion he wrote several books about just that, that seem well researched, so at least that much is corroborated on this site too).

So given that I don't have a job and don't have much I can do, I personally think for me it's time to just watch things happen and that it will be fine. I've talked to God about it in prayer and it just seems in my heart that's the thing to do, and there are reports enough online for me to believe that all will be well. The main gist of what I've read is that we've tipped off the police force of the Galaxy, that we've spent enough time suffering and that it just takes time for this galactic police force to come public since everyone doesn't expect it. But you know, they say 'energy' is comming to this planet and it is making us more in tune with higher vibrations, which I think they mean makes us more Christ like, and I have personal experience that people seem to be acting better in general. I don't speed, when I drive a car, pretty much I don't speed period. People used to ALWAYS tailgate me, blow by me, etc. and now that really doesn't happen except once in a while anymore. I noticed this last year where it seemed like the people in Atlanta Ga seemed to not be speeding so badly when I drove through there, and now that I'm in Decatur / Huntsville Al if I stop and think about it, it blows me away how little people blow by me in their cars or how little they tailgate me. And I've lived here before to have a feel for that being unusual. So it's more corroboration that the channelings have truth to them, because if so to speak ',light energy' is comming to our planet and makingus more Christ like, that's the only thing I can think of to make people better drivers, waive at me when I walk around the neighborhood (I'm unemployed and go on strolls away from the house) and just seem more nice and friendly than the public at large ever seemed to be before.

So what do You think You should do with Your time and why?

posted on Feb, 18 2012 @ 05:22 PM
you sound like you are doing good.

i know there is nothing I can do. there is nothing i can change. i am waiting too.

i get frustrated sometimes and its tough. but i often get shown things, i am very lucky. there is a lot of people watching over me. so grateful. just waiting now. been shown so much.


posted on Feb, 18 2012 @ 06:23 PM
reply to post by Jouislin

being concerned about all the wrongs flying all over the place I was pretty distressed for quite some time.

Don't worry about all the bad things in the world - it's all about the rubber band analogy! The further back the band is pulled, the further it will fling forward when released. The more negativity we experience before Dec. 21st the better; afterwards we will experience a much more positive world!

Be happy and enjoy the little things in life. Drop expectations. Love everything for what it is. Do the things you love and don't let anything hold you back. Live each moment to the fullest and don't forget to smile, for a little smile will go a long way

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posted on Feb, 19 2012 @ 01:31 PM
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