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when would you expect to know

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posted on Feb, 18 2012 @ 01:44 PM
So with "UFO/USO'S" Being seen all over the world for hundred's/Thousands of years and MAY be related to religous views ect i want to share my opinion with you, please tell me if im missing a point.

So alot of people believe in religon and alot dont but all would have to admit that all god's would have to be claimed as ET'S, Flying carpets and all other flying objects used by gods ect would be deemed of alien origeon these days, So with "super human" power's and ability's through most religons, You have to admit that they exists. We claim that if goverments where to admit that we have had contact or know of other civilisations it could cause mass panic or uprising's. HOW? Now i see the point made but you cant deny if you believe in religon you beleave in ET'S you have to surely?

So this brings me questions not an answer, Are we all mixed on 1 planet as a test/experiment to see how interaction would evolve with other worlds?

The only real thing that cause's issue's on this planet IS religon and belief, There is NO way a planet can ever get along while religon exists in the mind frame of the genaral public of these days we live in, HISTORY has to repeat itself.

So i think humans may have miss read religon possibly, I't may have been intended to drip feed us in order to get used to having diffrent kinds of people and universes in one place, So i dont believe while we have conflict and religon as a divide we will ever know the truth.

Now im not getting into a debate on religon but im lead to believe that christianity support's all for 1 and 1 for all.

So this would explain why the western countrys allow imagration and try to get involved and sort out key parts (well most) of todays conflicts in order to try and slowly not push religon but to get a better friendship with all walks of life.

I understand that by doing so it has caused many conflicts and debates which inturn causes clashes but never gives up and controls all subjects. This has to be a quicker way of getting into the modern day than letting thousands of years pass with conflict and many more deaths and gaps to expand?.

I genuinly believe that no matter what religon, colour ect anybody maybe if we all got along naturaly then we would have already had public knowledge of the things every human wants the answers to.

The problem is with so many clouds (I.E GREED IS THE ROOT TO ALL EVIL) and expanding population this becomes harder and harder to make happen, There for a reason to start again, This would explain why so many achient civiliastions have disapeared and knowledge lost. Untill every single person on this planet comes to terms with equal abilitys and rights and doesnt indulge themsleves in selfish act's the human kind is falling into a sink with only a few really knowing and escaping the turmoil themsleves.

If we all lived and worked for one council and was at peace and harmony on and with the planet then i have no doubt that we would have interaction with other inteligence of life forms.

One day either way the human species will (if not already) will colonize another planet, But there's just to many humans in order to take them all and we all know what will happen in the end the Earth will be destroyed naturally so this means all planets will, So it does'nt matter how many other civilations there are they to will have to leave home for somewhere else and may already had to, Only so many can live on a ship ect ? I dont think we are evolving correctly or in time, We humans simply got it wrong and its cost every past and future life upon planet earth possibly.

I just wanted to share this for some reason i started and couldnt stop lol. Nothing in this post is ment to offend anybody or push my views. Im very open minded and i dont judge. Its only your decision if you oppose and take offence. p.s sorry for any spelling mistakes.

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posted on Feb, 18 2012 @ 03:26 PM
So what it boils down to really is the earth is few billion years old and the universe even older so its not hard to believe more planets like earth existed and civilizations possibly evolved to a point where they could find and colonize a similar planet .
The big question for me is when did life actually start in the universe , some say life may have came from a meteor with bacteria on it but that bacteria must have got there somehow in the 1st place .('

I think we have evolved naturally as man on earth without any change of DNA from outside ,that is not to say humans have never been examined by beings not of earth but i do not think they were the ones who put us here .
I think GOD is an Alien not meaning a grey but a much higher supreme being / consciousness that has managed to put life on certain planets or make it so life will evolve on certain planets ('

Anyway good thread
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posted on Feb, 18 2012 @ 04:06 PM

I appriciate you reply, It's intresting how this topic is so large and always expanding just like the universe itself, The more you talk the topic and learn the more questions you end up with lol.

The astroid sceniro for me is feasable of course but can bactira on a rock travel through space enter an atmosphire and crash into a planet and then continue to grow without suffering no damage to DNA ?

All of which happens to land on a planet thats habbitable and right where you would pick for life to evolve?

Im not so sure i mean it just add's even more odd against life in my oppinion.

I would imagen if humans where to evolve from the planet we consume then we would be more intune and respect nature more ?

If not then we are not the type of civilisation worthy of exploring further nor having interaction with other civilised planets. ?


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