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Eerie Picture of North Brother Island New York

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posted on Feb, 26 2012 @ 05:30 PM

Originally posted by greenovni
Anyone besides me find these 2 lines from the story peculiar?

Closed in 1963, it is now a haunting labyrinth of crumbling ruins.Protectedbirds are its only inhabitants and the waters around the island are patrolled by armed coastguards who ensure the sanctity of the former quarantine zone is never violated

Since the island is abandoned, why does the coast guard have ARMED men patrolling the island's perimeter? Why can't "the sanctity" of said island NEVER to be violated?


Despite being in the middle of New York, North Brother Island has remained sealed off from the world

SEALED from the world.

Wonder what in the hell they are hiding there....

sounds like the type of area one would have as an entrance to a large underground something or other, imo.

I don't like looking at pictures like these, one day our homes and cities will look like this.
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